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Soom Faery Legend "Nenad" Discussion

Jun 28, 2010

    1. I'd love to buy this gorgeous Faerie... But I think the price will be a bit prohibitive, going by the price of their other limited Mini Gems :( I'll have to unhappily make do with the gallery posts of others!
    2. It looks like she has resin wings... This is what I've been wishing for! :D
    3. Ooo I wonder what size she is?
    4. We've been rambling about this over on the speculation thread, but I can safely say (though not so safe for my wallet!) that I'll definitely be getting her!
      She's pretty much exactly what I was hoping for, and I have so much hope for some more vivid fairies in the future!
      Even if they just stick with Soom's safe resin colour area, could you imagine a tan fairy with red and gold colouring or a grey fairy with purple and pink colouring? The possibilities here are endless!

      Either way, I suspect this series might turn into my favourite thing Soom have ever done!
    5. I think she is 30 cm tall...
    6. Oh no! my bank balance is going to be up the creek again !

      WOW !!!!!¬
      I cant wait for more details.
    7. she seems so ... TINY! -3-
    8. I'm already well and truly screwed for the month thanks to Soom and Rosen Lied and Custom House (though this one was 2nd hand).
      I can safely say I am SO RELIEVED the first little gems were boys, and that Coquina was too simple for my tastes... otherwise I'd be financially screwed right now.. more so than it looks like I'm going to be!

      I hope they let us know which months these faeries will be released (I suspect it won't be every month) so we can be prepared for doom!
    9. It looks like she's a tiny version of an existing md that's SD size, Topaz. I think I saw the same tapered clear resin feet. It doesn't look like they are using the same concept for "fairy hands" but maybe they kept the ears as well? I have to say, the wings are stellar from what I can see. Maybe it's a way for those of use who can't afford the giant SD+ mds to own a tiny soom?
    10. Nenad is so beautiful, I was also wishing for bright coloured fairy but this is a good beginning! Her colors are pretty and natural, I really really hope she isn't as pricey as the tiny gems. I really liked Uyoo Sparkling forever and it was one of first dolls I saw and got me into this hobby, and this is so much more awesome! Resin wings?! I just have to get that. Love you, Soom. :'D
    11. This was posted on the FAQ page on the Soom site:

      Measurements of the Little Gem

        M F Overall Height 40 40 Weight 550 550 Head Cericumference 19 19 Wig (Inch) 7~8 7~8 Eyes (mm) 16 16 Shoulder Width 7 7 Chest Circumference 17.5 17.5 Waist Circumference 15 15 Hip Circumference 18.5 18.5 Thight Circumference 10.5 10.5 Arm Length 13.5 13.5 Leg Length 20 20 Foot Length 5.5 5.5

      linakauno: Perhaps there is a typo on the title from Soom? I know they don't have a "Little Gem" listed on their site.
    12. She's not a Little Gem, she's a Mini Gem.
    13. I wonder how much they will be asking for her. Soom usually has I feel very reasonable prices and I look forward to getting her, but I always want to know what my wallet is in for :)
    14. I can't get this girl out of my mind >_< I keep feeling she'd be perfect to perch on my Amber's shoulder.

      Misuka - I was assuming that she might be about $300 to $350, based on the limited Mini Gems.

      Unfortunately for me, even if she was listed at the price of a basic Mini Gem, I wouldn't be able to afford her right now :( But she's so gorgeous. I envy those who are in a position to buy her!
    15. I personally aren't super fascinated with this first one. I'm hoping that they might make a male one in the future. :) I'm imagining a cute boy with wings, now that'd be something I'd be more interested in hehe~
    16. Thanks for the link. You are probably right, a good price then :) exciting.

      I like how she is a Moss Fairy and not a flower. I kind of like the idea of forest fairies!
    17. I think I will wait for a little guy also. I have two other tiny girls about her size, but alas, no tiny guys.
    18. She looks so adorable in that picture, I am officially hyped. Now I'm a bit happy that I didn't jump on Coquina the second I had the funds.
    19. I think she's adorable! 40cm seems huge to me for a fairy though.... I wish they would come out with a doll in this style around 20cm.