Limited Items [SOOM] Fall POST MD event 2016

Sep 1, 2016

    1. Soom will be offering a chance to grab some of their past MD releases!

      Check out the full list here
      Link: The Gem > NOTICE

      *Ordering Period : September 7th (Wed.) ~ 28th(Wed.)

      *The price of doll will be the same as original price.
      *Since these items are event goods, we will not grant any point or accept any layaway payment this time.
      *Please be informed it is not possible to cancel order after purchase.
      *Some options may be unavailable. Please kindly understand this point...
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    2. How Can I get it??
      they put up Dia (After School) which I've been waiting for ages for him
      but on it's page it say sold out T_T
    3. ^^^^ bumping that comment
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    4. I think it's the wrong date because the September 2nd is Friday.
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    5. I think you guys need remember how the post MD works with Soom. ^^
      You only apply for a purchase, together with all others, that are also interested in the same sculpt.
      It works like a lottery, so the date of September 2nd is completly valid, as you can start with you applications from there on. :)
      In the end you win or loose the right for the puchase, a bit similar to the Volks Lottery system.
      Remember, that they only have the quantity available shown on the site(info-page) for each sculpt.
      Good luck to everyone!
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    6. That's how Soom used to do it in the past, however the last (two I think) Post MD events were held with new listings on a first-come, first-served basis.
      When they still had the lottery system there were also special boards opened to apply at, so applying via the regular Q&A would be useless.
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    7. Does anyone know what time they will be listed?
    8. Thanks Collie for the explaination on the change. It seems this info had completly passed over me. ^^
      Does Soom open special order pages for the process or how does it all work now?
      I feel like I know nothing anymore! xD
    9. Last time they did.. No idea what they're doing this time..
    10. Yay! you think maybe they meant another date? Maybe like "2_th to 28th" since nothing is up so far, and also the date markers "th" and "Wed." when today wouldn't use either, maybe it's a typo?
      (As a post script I realize soom's first language is Korean, and I'm not trying to poke fun at how their phrasing is; I'm just wanting to make sure no one accidentally misses this event since I'm really loving what's available!)
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    11. If it helps, according to the Japanese & Chinese versions of Soom's site, the dates are 9/7 - 9/28.
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    12. 9/7 is a Wednesday. Perhaps on the English site they meant the second Wednesday of the month.
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    13. All this is very confusing, a language AND a cultural translator is needed here. I was exited, went to the web site,
      Am still confused, the doll I like, Alex-Warrior, is listed yet, been checking on her for some time, but she is not available.

      Soom is one of the companies listed here of recently having problems with the recast market stealing their work.
      This particular doll is offered on eBay as a recast. I choose not to buy from the counterfeiters, but if Soom is not offering her or any of the others, ever, why is she still up? Still confused. Will she ever be available again?
    14. @flyboru, as others have said, there is a specific timeline to follow with Soom's event sale. These are the particulars as they have been figured out so far:
      -The event will start September 7 and go until September 28.
      -When the event is live, you must enter a lottery to see who will get the doll. You must check Soom's event page to see which dolls will be available.
      As for general availability, most of Soom's dolls are Limited Editions. Like many other companies, Soom keeps their now-sold-out dolls on their website more as a historical account of the dolls they have offered in the past. If you are interested in Soom dolls, you will need to continue checking in to their website to see what they have available. Also check out the Soom discussion threads here, the folks who chat there can give you a lot more info.

      For any further questions about this event, please ask Soom directly.
      While people who are familiar with Soom can offer some ideas here on the forums, we do not represent Soom in any kind of official capacity, and we will not know specifically what Soom wants to do, so it is better to ask them.
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