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Soom FFD November

Oct 21, 2008

    1. Just saw this on Soom's site and thought I'd share.​

    2. Have a question....?
      To be able to get the hands with the jointed strung fingers, do I have to order one of these guys since it seems to be available as an extra option when ordering? Or will the hands be available to purchase separately...only the hands...when these dolls become available?

      ***Im adding to my post because I just went to the website and I saw that the hands with the jointed finger option is no longer available with Sabik or Rex. I could have sworn I saw that option on each of their ordering page just yesterday...???? Or maybe I didn't...now I'm confused?***
      But if you click on the Notice section it does say that the hands will be available. Does that mean that they'll be available to order separately when the Sabik and Rex become available...?
    3. Yes, the hands are avaliable to order seperately during the FFD.