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SOOM finally offers delivery time guarantees on MDs

Sep 5, 2009

    1. Good news for everyone fed up with 6 month + waiting times for Soom MDs. Starting with Bygg and Beyla, Soom is making radical changes to their shipping schedule.

      Soom is now promising to mail ALL FFD and MDs 100 days or less from when they were paid off. They are calling this the Delivery Guarantee System, and it now includes compensation in points for orders that go over the 100-day wait, AND the option to cancel and receive a full refund, or receive partial compensation in the form of points. Full details are available here, and definitely worth reading:


      Here is announcement on the news thread:

      Hello! This is SOOM.
      Thank you very much for your continuous interest in and affection for our products.
      The delivery of dolls, including MD, of which you have been so fond recently, has been delayed, which I understand has been the cause of some anxiety for you. We humbly apologize for this unfortunate situation. We are well aware of your inconvenience, and all of us at SOOM are striving to deliver the dolls as soon as possible. Our production line is quickly becoming stabilized after overcoming the previous problems, so we expect that the delayed products will be able to be completely delivered within 3 months.
      In addition, to return your love and kindness and to assure you better services in the future, SOOM has systematically stipulated the following special measures.

      * Operation of the delivery time guarantee system¡±
      1. We promise to ship out all doll products purchased from SOOM within 100 days after payment is made.
      2. A contract for purchase is made after an order is placed and the payment for it is made, and in the event
      that a shipment is delayed, the customer can request the cancellation of the contract and a refund of
      the total payment.
      3. If the customer does not request a refund, a delay penalty amounting to 1% of the purchase price for
      each day of delay will be given in the form of points.
      4. Following the delivery state, D-0 is notified, and it is possible to request order cancellation and refund
      until 25 days later (D+25). After this day, (D+25) it is not possible to cancel the order, and 25% of the
      products will be subjected to D/C rather than the fee levied for delay in delivery.
      5. However, products for which the quantity cannot be accurately predicted in advance, such as MD and
      FFD, may run out of stock before the closing time for orders.
      6. This system will be applied to the products sold from September 2009.
      (It will also be applied to ¡®Bygg & Beyla,¡¯ which have been sold from the end of August.)

      We will do our best not to make a late delivery again, and we hope that you will be generous enough to give your continued support to us as a client. Again, we humbly offer you our apology for having caused you so much anxiety.
    2. Not sure I follow.

      So for the first 25 days after completion of payment we can cancel with no restock fee, but after that we have to pay it?

      And every day beyond Day 100 they'll give us 1% back in points?
    3. Based on the longer article I linked to, it breaks down like this:

      If your doll ships between 101-124 days after payment completion, soom will give you 1% of the selling price for each day the doll is delayed. This will be credited to your account in the form of points.

      25 days applies to 25 beyond the 100, or 125 days after completion of payment. If your doll is delayed this much, you have the option to cancel the order and receiving a refund.

      All refunds or compensation offered only apply to dolls whose shipping who have not shipped over100 days after full payment is received. This does not apply to canceling orders you made in the past 25 days.
    4. 5. However, products for which the quantity cannot be accurately predicted in advance, such as MD and FFD, may run out of stock before the closing time for orders.

      This appears to indicate that they will not allow themselves to be flooded with orders for a particularly popular doll and thus become bogged down in more orders than they can reproduce in a timely fashion, if I'm interpreting this correctly?
    5. They've always had that there -- but hopefully it won't be more strongly enforced now than it has been. I'm hoping it's listed out of 'habit' more than anything else.
    6. They have had a similar clause in there, but I think this is more that they may have worked out approximately how many dolls they can make and ship in a 100 day period, and if it looks like they're really going to exceed that amount then they'll stop selling them.
    7. From what I got, it seems like if they see they won't be able to ship by day 100, they will notify you and you have the chance to get a full refund, but if after 25 days, you haven't stated your desire for your money back, your chance is null and void, and you're subjected to that 25% restock fee like before.