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SOOM "For Five Days" events - what are they?

May 14, 2008

    1. Hi guys,

      I am new to bjd dolls, never had one yet, but I like big dolls from SOOM. Reading this forum I found out that SOOM has it's events from time to time.
      I really want to buy a doll from them, whould it be wise to wait for one of their events? Do they have a schedule? What were the events in the past?

      Thanks for your replies in advance!
    2. Well, Soom has monthly dolls that are only available for one month. Then, they also have FFD (For Five Days), in which during a certain five day period, you can buy certain dolls. I think they only sell Mecha Angels during the FFD time. Also they sell other doll items during the FFD time, like the jointed hands for dolls. They also sometimes have some kind of "couple making" events, where you get a doll for a certain amount off if you bought another doll from them, usually during some certain time frame. But I don't know a whole lot about that. I know that some people got a 50% off coupon for Dia if they bought Spinel during certain dates.

      Besides that, I really don't know about any other events that Soom has.
    3. they seem to be available from the 15th til the 19th of each month... tomorrow in fact :fangirl:
    4. AND! I heard that the new monthly doll, the Incubus, is supposed to be available tomorrow too! :dance SOOOO excited!
    5. Great! Thank You!
    6. No problem! :)
    7. There has been a Xmas Kit which is available for 1-2 weeks just before Xmas. They had the gems for $390? mini gems for $220? Not too sure of the prices. It was about $100 off the gems and slightly less off the minis. They didn't offer the Mecha Angels and may not offer the super gems.
    8. Oh, Hobbysue, thank you!

      Nice to know that they might have a Xmas ivent before the next Xmas. It would be very nice of them if the bigger dolls had discount as well...
    9. I doubt if they'll do the Mecha Angels, they seem to be reserving them as specials. I think you'll get the Super Gems though if they do it again this year.
    10. Sheesh, good thing the Sabik elf's a FFD SOOM. He's the only BJD elf, so far, where I really like the ears. I sure hope they continue those FFD dolls for a while - it'll take me YEARS to save up enough money to buy my Sabik elf ... *sigh*
    11. I'm with you Khell, now that I just got my Puki, I'm starting to save for a Sabik Elf and it is going to take at least a year since I can't work. So I am praying they don't discontinue him!
    12. I am so glad Dia isn't part of the FFD. That drives me nuts. I have in the past decided not to order a doll because of an order period.

      Some people (like me) only have the money in certain instances/times. It's cruel to offer the doll only during a certain time (like when I don't have the money!)

      At least the FFD is offered monthly!
    13. Heh, I got this "an Euro a day" saving system: For every day in the month, I put a Euro in a special box. The money from that box is for spending on stuff I don't really need but want to have just the same. I also put all the money I get on occasions like my birthday or Christmas in that box. That way, I can save between 400 and 500 Euros a year. It takes me about one and a half year to save up enough money to buy a doll. So, yes, I'm praying with you! :)
    14. I wonder of they are messing with us with this FFD business and the monthly dolls, creating shortages to inspire demand (but maybe FFD does help them know what to produce for the rest of the month, so I might be wrong there), but here is my question - somebody please answer because I am clueless here. Before this last FFD Rex, Sabik and Sabik Elf were (I believe) all available and now they are all listed as sold out. I don't think this is just because FFD is over, since other dolls were listed as sold out before FFD. Has anybody been watching the site for a while and knows whether they are likely to come back and if so when (is sold out for these dolls just "out of stock" or is it gone gone gone?). I get the feeling the dolls other than the monthly dolls come back because it says both "coming soon" and "sold out" on some of them, but I am a total newbie here and so stumbling around cluelessly in the confusing resin universe.

      Also, I heard that they released more Beryls after she sold out in April - any thoughts on whether they might do that with Sard (of course it would be better if they didn't since I narrowly escaped buying him... sigh).
    15. welll you better run, and fast because the boy aka sard is back on sale:sweat

    16. Okes! Hopefully I can answer a few of your questions.

      The FFD is Four Five Days. Each month, for five days, they put the certain dolls up for sale. I believe the Rex, Sabik, etc. The "Coming Soon", they put on it a few days before, to let people know that the FFD event is coming up soon for the month, so that people can start getting money together or whatnot.

      The Monthly dolls, however, have a set period of selling. Typically from the 15th of each month, to the end of that month. When a doll in the monthly has a "Sold out" under it, typically, it's only temporary. As long as you're still in the monthly time period, then you can get them. I think it's also how they set up how many to make, by breaking them up into groups. Like the first group ordered in the first few days. Well, get started on thier orders! Ok, they're in casting, sweet... Put him back up for sale! And so on and so forth, until the month ends. Once the month ends, however, that's it. The "Sold out" becomes permanent. Which, unfortunately, means that if you didn't get the doll in the time period, you're basically SOL.

      I hope this clears up any questions. Do PM me if you have any other questions I may be able to answer.
    17. This confused me to death, too, and it was really irksome at first because the dolls I want are all Mecha Angels, and were all FFD types. Every time I looked they were sold out and I was seriously despairing about ever getting a hold of one of them. (And I still haven't, technically -- oh, 'before shipping', how you pain me!)

      I don't think it's necessarily done to drive up demand as much as it is that they take orders at the same time (or approximately the same time) every month for certain lines of dolls. If I had to guess, it has something to do with the actual production. Because of their size, I'd bet they take a bit longer to cure than some other dolls, and might be harder on the molds due to weight, etc. than smaller dolls would be.

      If they take orders during one specific period each month for a specific mold, it may give them the time to do the other things required on the months a specific doll isn't made to make replacement molds and so on, which would potentially be more difficult or lead to longer delays if they were available all the time. I'd bet the downtime -- the off-months a doll isn't available in the FFD -- the molds may be in the process of being replaced so they can be offered again later.

      As frustrating as it is to wait on the availability, it's actually been good for me -- I know around what time of the month I should keep cash available in case one of the ones I want becomes available during that FFD period, and can budget accordingly.
    18. Thank you all for your help in clarifying matters I do appreciate it! I just went and put the silly cloven footed beast on layaway.
      It is good to know that the others (I love Sabik and Rex) will probably be back. At least having such objects of desire stops me from purchasing dolls that I simply like (I am justifying it here!) and now I know I should hold out for them. Thank you again for being so helpful!
    19. the xmas kits come out during the christmas period (self-explanatory) and are basically the gems and mini gems but unstrung. hence the lower price.

      it's perfect if you want one of their gems and mini gems and are perfectly fine with doing the stringing on your own. ^__^ or if you *cough* want a body for cheap *cough*.
    20. Yes, once you get used to the system, it's fairly easy. You just wait for you doll to become available. Soom haven't said they'll stop selling any of the mecha angels, they've just restricted how often they'll sell them, possibly because the bigger size is easier to do in one batch?