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Soom Gem Gena - Pirate Lass

Jun 5, 2007

    1. Wow! This girl is super hot!! Makes me want her!!!
    2. ....wow!!
      Must. have.her...
    3. wwooow....she looks nice ^^
      I didn't know Soom is selling more new dollfies.
    4. wow....Soom is getting a lot of new dolls lately

      She is sooo pretty!
    5. Wow so beautiful I must have it but I can't D:!! Beautiful Head mould. *cry*
    6. Ah! A tan Gena! kill me now... :aheartbea
    7. Arrggg!! So many nice dolls being released. Now this one I must scheme for.....
    8. I love her outfit! She is just amazing! *o*
    9. Im Flippin Out..............i Need Air...........must Not Buy Her........is She Goona Be Limited??
    10. Does anyone know if the outfit can be purchased separately?
    11. WOW....she is soooo amazing!!!! Why does she have to be limited? *sobs* I'll have to keep a weather eye on the marketplace if I can't get money saved up before her release.....but WHOA, she would be so worth it!
    12. Okay...anyone know how well Soom is about layaway? They state they they'll accept layaway from this Pirate Lass but...what sorts of payments do they need and in what time increiments???

      EDIT!!!!! Okay, I saw that HUGE layaway button on Soom's website! ^^;
    13. Wow, pirate fever is taking over everything! :apirate: This makes me inordinately happy. XD
    14. holy crap she's hot!!! i'm with everyone else, her outfit is slamming!!!
    15. OMG! :grabby hands: So cool! :o
    16. Yeah...this didn't take long but I am 99% positive that I'm going to be buying her! *excited*

      Anyone know anything about how well tanned Sooms handle the sunlight?
    17. Those boots O.O Cool doll, but I'm in love with those amazing boots O.O
    18. I've always liked Gena but I really love the tricorn hat. I want one of those for my Unidoll Jace.
    19. WOW! I love Soom! I wonder how much she will cost??? I'm very tempted since she's limited! Although, I'm hoping to buy a Narae this week! :ablah: It's torture! :...(