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Soom Gem Gena

Jun 2, 2009

    1. I'm really new to dollfies. In fact, I attended A-kon 20's dollfie panel this past weekend and that's what got me into it. :) Anyways, when I got home from the convention, I immediately went to computer and looked up several sites and the dolls they offered. My favorite by far is Soom's Gena Gem doll that looks quite a bit like Nana Osaki (who is my favorite manga character!):


      I was wondering, if anyone owns it: Is she as pretty as the pictures show her being? Can she withstand quite a bit of abuse? (I'm pretty rough with anything I own.) Is she really worth the $500 price tag? Does any site have the wig she is shown wearing in her size? And would you recommend it as a first BJD?

    2. Firstly welcome to the board! :)
      Gena is lovely and there are many here. If you look to the top of the page you can see a search function. Go to advanced search and look for her in the gallery and database. You will see all different types.
      Type her name into keywords and then high light the section in forum you want to vist. It's easy once you know how to do it, it's a very helpful feature of the forum!

      She can take a lot of rough houseing but don't throw her against the wall or anything ;)
      All the dolls are worth their price, many owners say that but once she arrives you will feel it in your heart. She's a great first doll and I think she is around a 9 sized wig. Hope that helps!
    3. I really like Soom dolls. I personally have a Soom Kyrie who is imo the sister to Gena. The headcaps take a bit of getting used to as they "screw-on" rather than use magnets, and my Kyrie's falls off a lot which is a bit irritating. All BJD's can withstand being played with, but as Jacobean rightly said, not throwing against hard surfaces!

      Price is really difficult to judge, but $500 is a very reasonable price and about average for a basic doll. Prices for BJD's (SD size) can range from about $450 to $850 brand new (and can sell for up to $3000 on the second hand market depending on what doll it is).

      The forum is a great place to use to get a grasp of what dolls look like (check out the gallery for owner pictures of Gena) and which one will suit you.
    4. Thanks, I looked at the pictures and love her even more. :)

      Now I just need to save up the money. :|
    5. I prefer screw ons to magnetic head caps personally. But I guess you'll get to make up your own mind in time. You can also join the saving thread and talk to other member who are saving for a doll they like, they are in the same boat as you.
    6. I have two Genas. That about sums up how I feel about her, right there.
    7. I finally found you, you beautiful forum. I'm hoping to get a Gena doll as my first, nice to meet all of you!
    8. I'm the same, it was love at first sight!