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Soom Gem Order Chance: Special Order - Speculation & Discussion Thread Part II

May 4, 2011

    1. Soom has been throwing some curve balls lately with the pacing and variety of their Special Orders, does anyone think it's possible we might see some other SG releases that aren't re-releases of old MDs? Maybe old MD's but with new fantasy parts?

      It's Part II of the Special Order thread, so let the speculation and discussions begin (again)!
    2. Oh I definitely think both of those are possible & look forwards to seeing what Soom puts out.... I am hoping for some ID girls - both the 50cm and 70cm.
    3. Knowing Soom, we could see anything lol. If they are going down the line of making new SO dolls with fantasy parts, then I'd love to see some darker themed dolls. We've had lots of angel/light/cutesy types that I would really love the opposite.

      Saying that, I'm still hoping/praying that they release Cass in NS, that way I can turn her into my feathered siren, seen as thought I already have a sea siren Cass lol.
    4. yeah, I am hoping for some darker themed ones as well (especially in SG Females). My Amphibel is going to need her dark counterpart!
    5. It may be a stupid wish on my part, but I wish they'd do a special order of Olivine in WS and NS. I know they won't due to her low sales -- but I still rather wish they would. She's such a gorgeous sculpt. I got lucky enough to get a WS one in the Xmas kit sale a handful of years ago, but really regret not getting one in NS before she was discontinued. (This was before they gave us some kind of warning about these things.)
    6. I love a discontinued Rex, but there's not much of a point to have SO's for the MA's.
    7. I was very suprised I admit, that they have totally new dolls in SO. They had sort of went along with the remaking of the MDs but in Normal or White skin, and this with Aloa totally threw me off. If we will get fantasy in BOTH MD and SO then OMG help us haha.
      I wonder if they will release a SO SG size female with fantasy coloured skin...
    8. The only difference between these SO fantasy dolls (going with the assumption that they will do this again) and the MDs will be the lack of human parts, which will upset alot of people (thought they should be adult enough to get over it lol).

      I'm just amazed by the sheer amount of dolls they are throwing out recently. It's so different to before where they struggled with just one MD release.
    9. Well since they had that noctice saying that they will release a human version of these new ones, then it sounds like if they do release more solely fantasy dolls, then later they will probably release their human counterparts as well. So if people want just the human versions then they just have to be a little patient. ^-^
    10. I asked about another possible SO Sard or maybe Shoshon and they said no disappointingly enough :( but hopefully that might change, Sards are expensive :doh:
    11. Was that a definite no or a 'we have no future plans but will pass on the idea' no? SO Sard has already been released but we've always been unsure about a second release.
    12. She basically said "Its not possible for us to make these models anymore" so I don't think they're gonna release a special order twice D: which is a bummer...cause Sard in a light grey would've been just..wow. and the same thing for Shoshon too, so maybe they're not gonna do SO's of Mega Gems?
    13. Well, looks like the new special order doll has been previewed and it's Galena. While I'm not interested in her, I am curious about her clothing lol.
    14. I have a CW Galena and she is my favorite doll, the promo pics never did her beauty justice, so hopefully the NS ones will. I can't wait to see more of her, although I won't be getting her.
    15. I'm curious about the clothing, too. She looks quite lovely in the pics, though there's no money to bring her home this month. A pity, since she's tempting!
    16. I love her hat already.
    17. I want the outfit! D: But if it is as expensive as the usually are... I can't haz :c *sad marha is sad*
    18. I think she looks so sweet... ^^
    19. I already have a CW Galena so I'm very relieved to be safe this time. I can't wait to see her outfit, though! It looks beautiful.
    20. I can't wait to see more pictures. She looks really sweet in the promo. I am seriously tempted by her and her outfit.