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Soom Gem Romantic Gena!

Dec 14, 2007

    1. News thread here.

      Anyone else thrilled about this? I've been hoping for a Romantic Gena to be released ever since I got Lenore over a year ago. I love how her mouth is open a tiny bit, she's even more gorgeous than I'd hoped. Soom is really working hard this year! :D
    2. I really like soom's parically opened mouths. Kyrie has it and its like, sometime I think I see teeth, sometimes no. what a great mystery to own.
    3. I have to admit, I'm really loving this Romantic Gena, I didn't think that anything would top the Smoky Day Gena, but I believe this one has. Like you said the open mouth is very nice, and I love the soft face up and lowered eyes.

      So I guess she'll be coming with the outfit, maybe? I'm looking forward to seeing more picutes, like full shots!
    4. She´s gorgeus!! I love Gena but I think shés more beutiful ( if she can) in romantic
    5. I really love her and will be thinking of her all next year I am sure lol
    6. :O I'm really interested in buying Romantic Gena and turning her into a boy.
      But I don't need anymore dolls on my wishlist...>.<
    7. she is super gorgeous!
    8. I just saw her! Shes absolutely gorgeous! I think she will be my third soom doll that I will own! after I get my CP dreaming moon! I cant wait she is absolutely stunning!
    9. I want to get the head by itself, but she's only available as a fullset. I assume that they will offer the head later?
    10. I'm not into the normal Gena, but the Romantic Gena is absolutely gorgeous! Like i said before i will be getting her as my third soom doll (My fourth actual doll) next year sometime! maybe march or something...All i need i a name!
    11. I have a normal Gena and I love her to bits, but the romantic Gena is tugging at my heart strings! Hopefully they will release the head separately soon!!
    12. ive eyed gena for a long time but never caved in and got her.
      it was just one of those things like "she's really pretty but do i really need her?" & i always talked myself out of it.

      ...but this has done it.
      im definitely getting this one.
    13. I am going to be saving for one after I get my d. Lishe. I already have a name too... But... Being as I do not want any girl dolls... TADAA! Boy mod here I come ^_^
    14. Romantic Gena is gorgeous. I also like the normal Gena [I want her sooo bad ;w;] and Romantic Dillui. All of Soom's dolls are so pretty. I just wanna buy em all. But that's crazy hard. ee;
    15. Has anyone actually ordered her yet? The more I look at her, the more I love her. I would really be interested in seeing some owner pics. ^_^ (though maybe it is still too soon for owner pics?)
    16. i've ordered her. :) now...just to wait on her arrival.
    17. Yay, how exciting! Please post lots of pictures when she arrives, I would love to see her. :D Did you get her a faceup, either default or custom, or will you be doing your own?

      In the meantime, I can't stop visiting her page on Soom's website.. I'm really becoming entranced by her. I might have to order one later. I'm sure owner pics will seal the deal for me. :sweat
    18. i got her with default faceup, although i requested that the painted lines/creases above her eyes be left off.

      & no worries! i'll spam her as soon as she arrives. i cant wait. :)
    19. *squeal* she's been shipped! (this is the fastest any doll has ever been shipped to me...so im clearly excited).
      she'll be here in a matter of days. i cant wait. :)
    20. My original Gena arrived really quickly from Soom - they're great like that :D Can't wait to see pictures!!!