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Soom Gem vs CP Delf - posability, kickiness, quality, etc?

Apr 5, 2007

    1. I'm on the hunt for a body for my K-doll Karon! XD The more I think about it, the more I want him to be on the... short side. But he needs to be mature-looking, not curvy or squishy like a lot of shorter SD-sized bodies...

      And I've seen a k-doll on a Soom girl body, so I know it fits, color-wise and size-wise :B

      But my question is - how good is the Soom boy body? Compared to a Delf, how's the posability and kickiness? 'Cos if Soom's crankier than Delf... I'll deal with the height... XD

      But if Soom's easier to handle than Delf, awesome 8D
    2. I'm actually rather interested in knowing the answer to your questions myself as I'm wanting to order a Delf Moon and am not sure what to expect.
    3. Soom doesn't kick, it has lockable knee joints. I just sold my Soom Kanoa, but he was the same height as my El.

      It poses basically the same as a delf body, except it doesnt have the extra plates in the legs and arms, so legs don't go out (there's a notch inside to lock them to stop them going out sideways) and arm mobility is quite a bit less.

      the soom body is also more muscular, and quite sharp as well. Kanoa had very pointy shin bones :S

      i'm sure someone else will have pics :)
    4. I don't own a CP body, but I'm throughly impressed with my Mikel's body. Every CP doll I've come across is rather floppy, kicky, or just hard to pose. :sweat I think I keep meeting loosely strung kids, though. :sweat

      The Soom body is very detailed, with clearly defined muscles and rather petite hands. :D Not kicky in the slightest. I strung up Mikel a bit on the tight side after his last cleaning, and now he's able to do stuff I couldn't see any of the CP dolls I've met being able to do.

      Like this: (He is standing freely here)


      ...as well as hold poses well without fuss:


      Hope this helps! :D

    5. I'm actually very interested in this as well! I'm in love with both the soom and the delf bodies, and i'm having a very hard time comparing the two in terms of size as well as the whole posability thing... And if i ended up getting both someday i would definately want them to look good together. I would hate it if the proportions were off....

      Its seems that the delf ones are about 2cm shorter. I'm curious if anyone has a comparison pic to show just what the difference in size is. hmm... well I'm sure there are some comparisons around here someplace... i'll keep looking :)
    6. According to this thread, Soom is shorter :O Is this not as accurate/apparent as the photos make it seem?
    7. fair enough, i didn't see that. The difference in height isn't very noticable, but there is a huge difference when looking at the shoulders. wow. the soom boy is much much thinner!

      anyway now i kinda feel like i'm hijacking this thread, which was certainly not intentional.. sorry!
    8. Not hijacking at all! ^^ We're both looking for info on the same thing.
    9. :)
      I figured out why i thought the delf one was shorter. i was looking at the girl measurements instead of the guy ones by mistake! :doh
    10. I have a Soom Godo and three Delfs (Moon, El, Yder) and the biggest difference I find in the bodies is that Godo is far, far skinnier! If he wears Luts pants without a belt they slip straight off his hips.

      He stands and poses quite well - but doesn't cross his legs as elegantly when sitting as the Delfs. He is also shorter.

      His torso is quite nice though. :)

      I like my Godo but since he's arrived I've discovered that I'm a CP girl at heart and would pick another Delf over another Soom boy anyday.

      But, you know, that's just me. :)

      Good luck with your decision!
    11. I have an El head on a SOOM body... which will be temperary, but...
      as far as resin, I like SOOM better.

      as far as posability, I like CP better.

      as far as kickyness, SOOM is much better.

      as far as color, I like SOOM BW better.

      also, SOOM resin is nicer to touch. Kinda toothy.

      I hope that helps.
    12. Thanks guys! Aww, now I'm all indecisive again XD I so love the Delf bodies but... locking knees and a slightly shorter body on the Soom would be awesome...
    13. thanks for all the info and opinions! These two companies are basically my favorite so its really difficult to decide between them.... but yeah thanks for the food for thought!
    14. anyone have closeup pictures of soom's hands? mmm is it that their hands sculpt details are much lesser than luts'?
    15. The detail is fine, they just have very petite hands. XD DOD and Yukinojo's hands are almost twice the size. :D

      But for sizing idea - (sorry, no ready access to a Delf) Featuring my Mikelandros and die's Esme (Yukinojo):


    16. My Soom Rian poses really well--he has good range of motion and has locking knee and thigh joints to help him stand. I love the CP bodies too, and used to have one, but they can be kicky. Mine was, though I figured out pretty fast how to get around that. Still, I would probably say Soom has the better posability.
    17. I had bought a delf for a friend of mine and the body is lovely but I have a real issue with the legs always bending. I can get them to straighten under some posing, but in general they tend want to be in a sitting position. Sueding should help out with that I beleive, just need to get around to doing it for her ^^;
    18. Don't know if you're still looking for answers on this, but having just looked at these two styles side by side last night, I can give you a comparison:

      Soom boys are much thinner (about an inch less around the waist) and have much smaller hands. They stand beautifully, sit nicely with bent knees, but can't do that much else with their legs. They've got a single joint to the ankle (the ball is fused to the foot just like it is in the hand joints), a one-directional knee, and a hip that rotates out slightly, but is best at locking in place to stand with feet shoulder-width apart, which means they don't kick particularly, but they can't sit cross-legged or anything either. My soom boy also needed his arms sueded before they were at all posable.

      A CP body, properly strung, will stand and pose beautifully as well. (the one I was looking at, Kittymaru's Aacheron, came out of his box that way)They have double-jointed hips and shoulders, which makes for a much greater range of motion possible in the legs, and the knee has slightly more flexibility as well. The ball at the ankle is a separate piece that covers a little knob in the foot which holds the end of the leg elastic, giving the foot a little more range of motion also. And the type 2 bodies are slightly shorter than the type 1s, making them barely taller than the soom dolls.

      Basically, a soom boy will stand right out of the box even if his stringing is off. A CP boy will stand/move beautifully if he's strung right, but from the sound of some of the replies above, some of them aren't. So your decision might depend on how much you're willing to take your doll apart if necessary (or get someone else to do it) and mess with his stringing until it works right.
    19. awesome! i was wondering about soom bodies, because i reallllllly want a SOOM kanoa :3 (long way away ;_; ) but i was afraid that maybe it wouldn't be able to pose well. but now i know that they pose quite well! :D yay!