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Soom Gneiss- Birth of A Goddess

Mar 6, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      So I didn't see a place to gush about the new teaser...please delete this if I missed it! I will add her photo in a few minutes to this first post :). I kinda thought it would be cool to have a thread where we could talk about all the Deities...but didn't know what others might think, so I started this thread just for her.

      Ok now.....how gorgeous is she???? I am really intrigued by her face. I hope the other angles are just as lovely! I'm not so good with mythology, but can someone enlighten me on the snakes? I thought that was Medusa's thing?
    2. Fancy seeing you here Britt7399!;) She is very lovely, isn't she? I'm so excited to finally see a picture for this line! I'm not sure I'm feeling the whole snake thing, which is really Medusa-ish to me, but I can't wait to get a clear picture of her face. I've already lightened the picture in photoshop and it's a little more clear that way, if anyone is interested in having a look:)


      If nothing else I may be after that outfit! Hope it's nice...
    3. Wow she seems to be really gorgeous *___* I love the snake and wings concept for the head!
    4. awwwwww really beautiful!!!!!! <3
    5. Hi Riventiana!!!!! We meet again ;)! Thank you for that photo! It helps to get a better look at her face! I'm not feeling the snake thing either...although the wings are interesting. I really like the wig and what we can see of the dress. The wait is going to be killer!

      I told myself only one doll of each color (I have to try to set guidelines up for myself. Lol)...and I already have my Soom NS...guess I will see how strong my resolve is!
    6. Love her profile but not the snake/wing thing... If it were just snakes, I would be all over it! I wonder if she has fantasy feet .........
    7. I think the face looks absolutely gorgeous!!! But I'm not sure about all that's going on over her head. Like someone else said already, i think it's a bit too much.

      I think the snakes are kinda flat, and they look weird, specially because there's almost no room for them in there.
    8. Awesome job on the brightened picture!

      She's an angel-like gorgon-looking beauty.
    9. If she was modeled after Medusa, the only thing similar would be snakes in the hair. Medusa is a type of gorgon and could also be considered a naga since she is half snake. She is also supposed to be ugly in appearance though I don't blame them for not going that way or no one would want her. I think she'd look cool with some scales on her face. I do like what I can see of her face so far. Looking forward to the rest of her.
    10. Do you think she is the Python, the Delphic oracle? I may be totally mixed up, but I seem to remember the Delphic Oracle had some kind of snake connection and that would fit with the Diety of Wisdom.

      This is bad...I love her face!

      Edit: the oracles name was Pythia, not Python. Not Monty, either. ;)
    11. Yeah, their snouts are a bit too long and their eyes protrude too much to look like real snakes. They look more like lizard faces, or crocodiles. Angelheim's snakes looked far better IMHO, and had really distinguishable fangs.
    12. I really, realy love her face from what I see. I was suspecting the first deity would have some connection to the snake theme - but actually I thought about a Naga body, not head snakes! LOL! They look funny. But on the other hand, I have a character for a girl with head wings and claw feet. So if she has claw feet... I already have a name for her.
    13. I'll probably have to pass on this girl, since her timing is horrendous for me.

      Unless, of course, her lower half is snake-like at all. Then I would probably see what a kidney would go for. :D Her face is very pretty, though, but I won't be able to tell without more pictures. I'm just glad to see this line finally kicking off! :D
    14. I just tried doing a search to see if there was a deity named Gneiss but the only stuff that came up was that it is a type of rock. Guess she is all fiction?
    15. SOOM names all of their big monthly dolls after rocks, LoL, I think they're obligated to by this point- so the name would have no reference to the deity.. though I think she has a very interesting Perseus/Medusa thing going on, neither of which were particularly known for wisdom... who knows?
      It does look kind of silly eating the back of her head though, doesn't it =/
    16. She's looking lovely from this angle :) Me too love the wings, but a bit iffy about the snakes.

      Does she look like a big bust girl to anyone else?
    17. I... I don't do girls, but, ah, snakes, snakes in her hair in translucent resin. I have to get them, somehow.
    18. I thought that too but i'm not very familiar with supergem bodies so I can't say
    19. oh, she is so beatuiful O.o
      I on the other hand love the snakes, but soom should have chosen ether snakes OR wings, its a bit to much with both :S

      But its sad she wont be sellin for even a month :(
    20. I love her face, and although I think they may need some more detail I enjoy the look of the snakes..but only if she has a kind look. If they were to do Medusa she'd be mine in a second!

      I'm agreeing with others though...she really came out at the wrong time and with such a short ordering period....