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Update Soom Harajuku Shop open!

Nov 25, 2008

    1. Maybe I'm completely, blind but I don't think this was posted before... announced on the Angelregion website:



      Angelregion announce for entire people who are waiting the Angelregion Japanese SITE.
      KIZ ENTERTAIMENT will open a shop in HaRaJuKu JAPAN indebted to assistances of customers in the middle of December.

      The Harajuku shop will be a drought for an opportunity to advance more to work and also it will be a big step for all the Soom Dolls, Mecha Angel, Gem, Rosette, and Angelregion to be a integrate one SOOM JAPAN.
      We have toward an ambition and a meaning larger, and effort will call a customer only for family service.

      As well, we will open the new Japanese web-site for all the Japanese customers with introduce more various service offers and convenient purchasing.

      *Advantage of Soom Japan on-line shopping Mall
      - The familiar interface and use way that used shopping mall solution in Japan.
      - Purchasing by MOBILE service for promote the benefit of the public.
      - No international shipping charge => Provide the local delivery charge.

      * Advantage of Soom Japan off-line Shop
      - It is a doll exhibition various a drill for visual pleasure.
      - The shop special limited EVENT
      - Confirm the direct real thing, and order in shops numerical there is, and is purchasing some the day receipt possibility.

      We will come with the SOOM JAPAN web-site and beautiful shop in HARAZUKU JAPAN in the middle of December.2008.

      Thank you very much!

    2. does this mean that soom has aquired angelregion? i know angelregion was having some issues before - so i wonder if they were taken over if they'll be more reliable now....
    3. I am assuming both Soom and Angelregion are under a company called KIZ ENTERTAIMENT which is in S. Korea.
      But I am more curious if the opening of this Japanese Soom site would have any impact on the oversea customers? Or will it be just limited to Japan customer?
    4. Does this mean there will be a physical shop for Soom?
    5. That is what it looks like. :)

      Anyone have any idea when this place is supposed to open (as in what specific day, maybe posted elsewhere?) I'll be in Tokyo for DP20, I'd love to check it out if I can. :)
    6. The AR announcement wasn't too clear on a specific date, but it does sound like a physical store. The event around it would be killer. I can't find anymore information about it on the Soom websites. T-T