Soom Idealian 51 Discussion

Mar 4, 2011

    1. Has anyone seen this?

      Dear IDealian fans,

      Good day to everyone~~

      We are proud to introduce our new IDealian categories to you.*^--^*

      Here is a description of our next regular IDealian releases (IDealian72) =>

      And, meet our new 52cm men, the IDealian51 ! Coming soon... =>

      We hope that you will love them as much as you loved our previous guys.^.^

      Thank you for your attention, and be waiting for our forthcoming dolls~

      SOoM team <3
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    2. A 52cm IDealian51??????:o

      LOL I just read the release schedule....
      apparently they want to kill us all!!
    3. I saw something about it earlier on the body page but didn't give it much thought. Still, I wonder what it would look like. Not my size though. 65 to 68 cm would have suited me better.

      EDIT: Might go well with a Zaoll though.
    4. well i can quit the 52cm i'm safe, hopefully this one would be the 72cm size....
    5. UHM..i'm not fond with a muscular boy of 52cm....
    6. I'm so sorry if someone has mentioned this, what is the Idealian51?
    7. Yes, what would it go with - female-wise, I mean. It's an odd size. I suppose we'll find out in due course.
    8. And a new Soom attack ;). Well luckily 52cm isn't quite my size, I'm just looking for one MSD size boy in that range. Now I'm quite happy now that Soom by accident cancelled my Pel ;). Guess between all these 52cm Idealians I will find a better one. But great that Soom is releasing more and more Idealians. I'm still looking for a Marius de Romanus, next to my Lestat and Louis. And a handsome tan one to be my War God. ;)

      But still no pics of York and I have to go to bed- unfortunately. I have university holidays at the moment, butI'm looking after my parents dog, which needs to go for a morning walk in less than 5 hours time and I better get some sleep. See you later... and hopefully he is up for a look when I get up ^^.
    9. lol I love the descriptions they give: weird guy, wealth guy, mysterious guy
      bad guy etc....

      I'm all for new sizes/dolls, it's what keeps the hobby interesting!!

      edit: well automatically it makes me figure he could go with
      a mature MSD, like Leda. Anyone starting a discussion thread?

      Still no sign of York, but now I'm wondering if I should wait for
      the new IDs :-)
    10. I think if it's anything like the 72cm muscular guys it should be a lot easier to handle at that size. And presumably a little less expensive. ;)
    11. The descriptions really are a hoot! I couldn't help but giggle a little. Oh, Soom. I love you even though you make me crazy broke.

      "[FONT=&#47569;&#51008; &#44256;&#46357;]It provokes a downfall and more and more middle-class family have to abandon their steam houses and become duckweed people."

      This is it right here, it's even right there on the page! I'm going to be living in the duckweed before the year's over at this rate. ;)
      [FONT=&#47569;&#51008; &#44256;&#46357;]
    12. it's quite ood as size, isn't a SD with standard SD size, shorter the 65 SG line, i see hard make some use of this line....
      also i'm not too fond with dolls ,SD maily too much i guess i'm safe....
    13. I'm not fond with the size and the sculpt of the body,that is supposed to be muscolar.
      it's not a standard SD,still taller than a MSD,muscular like a mature taller boy..too far for me.I don't see any interest in such really weird size.
    14. i agree with you $abbatha. definitely too weird....i can quit, i see hard find some clothes....
    15. Yeah I saw that, that's why I was wondering. What size is the current Idealian? 72cm? If so, would a 51cm be like SoulDoll's Veto guys?
    16. Also would be much problems to dress a 52cm muscular boy..considering that soom isn't that prolifc with clothes...
    17. i really really don't know, i'm not to impressed stating to those info..
    18. agree on this as well...
    19. A size that few companies have...and what about the clothes?
      Frankly i find even useless to me to debating or sharing POV since i'm not really interested,too weird the short size with a matching mature/muscular sculpt.