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Soom Idealian 72cm - Galway the Fortunate!

Jul 13, 2011

    1. The teaser is up for the new guy and he has a Branon-ish look to him. Apparently he's a special order.
    2. And here he is... http://dollsoom.com/eng/shop/intro_content.php?co_id=idealian

      Actually he DOES look a lot like Branon! So much so that I'm not sure if I'll need him or not since I have Branon already. I'm more thoroughly Soomed by those that look like Photon and Gluino as a rule.

      Not that I'm ruling him out entirely yet.
    3. He's terribly pretty. Shame it'd be a choice between him and Migma, and, well, the last time I went with the boy, so it's the gal's turn.
    4. I really think they're having some trouble or other with the accessories for the steampunk guys. I don't think one of the Yorks ordered with a monocle has arrived yet.
    5. I'm safe XD I'm hoping this is the one they've released for this month.
      It does say "Special Edition" on him and Victoria said they'd be releasing an Idealian72 this week so he has to be a 72.

      ...there better not be some other one that will appear or I'm screwed.
    6. 8I i.. Might actually be doomed on this one.. But i need to see more angles of him..he does look a lot like branon!
    7. Whew. Relieved, and a bit disappointed at the same time - he doesn't really do anything for me. And he's not tan (or at least, not darker tan). I do like his mouth though, and I think he'd look much nicer with eyes one size down. The wig and the outfit are also very very pretty.

      But what I wouldn't give for a more mature, Hyperon-like face with that mouth, and in tan. Oh em gee.
    8. X_X He looks the spitting image to Count Ray Balzac Courland-- or Noir-- From a manga I just read called Gorgeous Carat... There's even a picture in here that is almost identical.
    9. I bet he's from the regular ID72 line - his name is Galway, which goes with the other IDs of the new line - British Isles cities!
    10. Hoping he's not a 72 - because if he is I think I'm just going to HAVE to bring him home. I love the set of that mouth and the shape of the eyes is killing me just a little.

      If he is a 72 - the character I have in mind will need a smaller body, so his body would be poached by one of the heads I have coming. But what a beautiful boy!!
    11. DUDE! Maybe that's why he's calling so strongly to me! Thank you for making that connection for me! Woooot!
      Yeah, I suspect I'll be in line for the full set on this one. :sweat
      Oh, and only if he's 72cm. I've been waiting for the big guys again!
    12. ......:| I'll admit I was a little dissapointed when I saw him, I'm not immediately drawn to his face and his eyes seem to have the look of a heavy upper eyelid, making his eyes downturned.

      Like his very sharp suit though and can't wait to see more pics! :)
    13. He does look a lot like Brannon, but I guess his eyeshape differs a bit? Which makes him more aggreeable with me. Though he isn't CW (I was kinda looking for a CW skinned guy so maybe my Gluino can has another body for his second face-plate) and I think his face is a tad too manly for me at the first sight... on as second thought I see great potetional to do something with this guy. But then.. I already overdrawn my budget to pay all my layawakes off and was looking to buy only some more wigs or eyes. So I am glad he isn't a "omg-want"-thing.
    14. Damn....he is pretty!!!! And I guess since he is special order we can get his outfit and his wig seperately which is cool if you don't want the doll ^_^
    15. *big sigh of relief* I'm safe. :) His facial features aren't really my taste, so I get to happily pass and save my money. I do loove his outfit though. If he's really SO then I'll have to get it for one of my other IDs.
    16. That suit is gorgeous.
    17. Soom... you're really cruel T-T First was Migma then Beyla and now Galway!
      Anyway he looked a lot like Branon but with smoother feeling ^-^
    18. Oh my gawd!!! >_< Soom needs to slow down!!!

      But I do so love those eyes. :D