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Soom Idealian - Albany – Aviatrix

Sep 23, 2011

    1. And it's a girl! :fangirl: Albany-Aviatrix

    2. I too am super excited about this one :D
      Red hair, tawny skin, and goggles! <3
      I do hope that she like the Idealians before her will come with a face-plate and braaaaaains~
    3. Right now, I am hoping she is a 51, as I can't afford to be Soomed right now. My big boys need a matching girl, though!
    4. Ooh! That would be fantastic! 51 would fit in my montely crew well, and it would be cheaper xD
      As I've stated prior, I would like her to actually be an Idealian rather than just the borrowed title. *sweats* (I hate being a downer, but I need to see that bod :D )
    5. She looks pretty darn busty, in a different way from their other girls.

      The more I think about it, the more likely it seems to me that she is a 72, as that is the line that started the IDs. It makes sense for the new girl to be a big sculpt, as I am guessing they shrunk down the 72s to make the 51s. In which case I am so screwed...er, soomed.
    6. Ha! I can't say I blame you~ I really want this girl, just as long as she is not a MA hybrid of sorts I am all in!
      Do you suppose she too will have defined muscles?
    7. Personally I'm hoping so. That's what I wish Granada had done with their female body, but didn't happen.
    8. ...................
    9. Oooh. Just as I am pulling my hair about a girl for Misere~ :o!
      Oooh. Ooohhhh~

      edit: Wait. She is smaller isn't she .-.
    10. I'm hoping she's a 72! That would be so cool. She looks great! She reminds me of a character from Nausicaa! Really looking forward to seeing more photos!
    11. She looks like she's got some moxie about her! Really like the teaser and I would hope that she is statuesque! Not that I can afford anything for the foreseeable future, but still...^^
    12. Oh my god SOOM you finally did it. I wish we could see body pics, though! They really brought her out of nowhere. :lol: Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.
    13. Ah now THAT is my Acacia! Or almost Acacia since she's probably tawny from the picture and Acacia needs to be WS. :| I'm thrilled that there will be Idealian girls, though. I just hope they will be taller than 65cm. I've long wanted girls in the no-woman's laand between 65-75cm.

      I can't wait to see what kind of body she has!
    14. No No NO NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Curses Soom for making a girl Idealian, now I want to see her body;)
    15. I can't wait to see more pictures! I don't even know what I want - her to be 51 or 72... 51 would fit in better with the rest of my girls, but I'm been very curious about the bigger SD sizes.
    16. I am too happy to speak. She is gorgeous. Soom will lead me to bankruptcy.......
    17. I sure wish she is 51cm!!! I really need a smaller doll as all my incoming are 65-70 and therefore not very convenient to bring everywhere :sweat
    18. Please don't be 51, please don't be 51, please don't be 51... 72 is too big for me, so if she's 72 I'm safe, if she's 51 I'm doomed.
    19. I'm hoping she's not 51cm ;_; That would make me so sad... (but I might just have to get her anyways.)
    20. Well thank goodness for that! It is a girl so I am safe this time.