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Soom Idealian: Hyperon - Dhampir

Dec 20, 2010

    1. I am dead right with you, I have avoided the Idealians for a while because of the price and their size, but I am hoping I don't fall for him. I already have my Rosen and Real Puki and I forgot another doll I have coming to me before the others. I know that outfit is going to be so gorgeous!
    2. It's...that...he looks like the vampire hunter D.
      I...oh my gosh. T_T First Epidose and now this.
      Such gorgeous, gorgeous dolls.
    3. Handsome, handsome, he looks like he's going to cause some bank fund damage! I like him, such an interesting face.
    4. I like him,it's my cup of tea,normal or warm skin tone,narrowed/sharp eyes, definitely it's on my top list!
    5. I have a weakness for Vampire Hunter D and this guy is so gorgeous! I still can't stand the size of the Idealian body though, and it's not something I can work around, so sadly he can't live here. :(
    6. I think I died a little inside.... I can't buy him....
    7. OMG! He looks like another gorgeous hunk of Soom handsome. I was hoping for a guy with larger eyes but I just might be in trouble anyway. Does he look elfish to anyone else? It may be his hair but that ear almost looks pointy?
    8. Well, I can't, but there's can't, and won't, and I'm worried I will fall somewhere in-between, yikes! Ah, why don't the interwebs block me from seeing the Soom site? Oh, and definitely, I think his ears are slightly pointy.

    9. He is totally Vampire Hunter D! And he is making me rethink dolls of this size. Will have to wait for more photos...but he is gorgeous.
    10. Agreed: http://shainax.free.fr/s_z/vampire_hunter_D_front.jpg

      As I stare across at Epidos and Gluino, I realize... I am toast.
    11. IMO Hyperon remebling too much to Vampire Hunter D from bloodust manga..i've noticed only now,btw here's the pics

      I agree with you the costume it's quite similiar as well.
    12. Yes. And I want him. I totally, totally want him. Grabby. Hands! Don't ruin my moment, Miss $abbatha -- I will cry! --> :...(
    13. Sorry?
      I didn't say anything..btw i really don't think i can ruin anyone's moment here,as i'm quite sure to order him.
    14. Geez, I think I like him. And I think my spiritdoll order will have to wait :| I just hope customs won't charge me arm and leg - or confiscate him.
      What's the longest layaway Soom offers, does anyone know? I think I will need it :P
    15. If you will go over $800usd 6 months layaway Dear!I know since my twin sister $avage asked for Photon ^^
    16. Well all of the D fans here went "ooOOOOOOOooooooo" a couple of minutes ago (there are 3 of us :) ) .

      My only problem with it is this: We (the generic we that doesn't necessarily include everyone here, including me) tossed a hissy fit at the Edward and Jacob dolls from Nobility; we tossed another collective hissy at the Grell lookalike a few weeks ago and... well... you can see where I'm heading with this I think.

      But wow, isn't this guy glorious! O_O I can't wait to see the entirety.
    17. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! This beefy boy is too cute $abbatha my friend. Now Xenia and I have to work out for the next 6 months...these boys are ridiculously heavy and hard to put together! But he's so cute! So is Gluino and they are sitting happily under the xmas tree looking stunning... *bangs head on desk* why, Soom why??? :lol:
    18. Ditto Baakay
    19. xD I'm also torn on the new boy because I'm a HUGE D fan... But it's like, you want to buy him and you also want to say, 'shaaaaame on yooou!' to Soom, right? Because Wow. If they pulled and Disney and said.... Vampire Hunter D? What movie/manga/novel? TOTALLY ORIGINAL! Not homage AT ALL. Well... that would make it different to me.

      Want. So much want.