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Soom Idealian Order Chance - Discussion

Apr 24, 2011

    1. I heard from Victoria at Soom that some IDealians will be rereleased as special orders:

      Dear customer,

      Good day !

      About your question :

      Yes, we plan to release some IDealian boys on the same concept as the Gem Special Order dolls.

      Which means that some clothes and accessories will be released along with them, an everyone will be able to purchase whever the doll or the clothes freely.

      However, we don't have any accurate schedule about the first release.

      Please stay tuned to our website.^^

      Have a nice weekend !

      Victoria, SOOM "
    2. Oh, that could be good for me because I need a Gluino for a character but I only need the human form and can't really pay over $2000 for him when I don't even need the vampire options.
    3. The idea of having a shot at Pangen or Gluino again is AWESOME! By the time I figured out that I could indeed handle a doll of this size it was too late to consider either of them. YAY!
    4. By the way if the Idealin line would be realesed as SO i wondering if they will do the same thing as supergem special order,so we will have the chance of several Branon SO..just wondering..
    5. A Pangen would be so awesome. Or maybe one of the other white skinned guys in NS or tan. I need to start saving my pennies again...
    6. Count me in for a Gluino... I can't afford the second hand prices for some of the more hard to find soom boys :lol:
    7. I would buy Gluino if they release him again. :-)
      Look forward to see his new clothes!
    8. We can has clothies? Seriously stoked about this. I got an EID who's proving to be a clothes horse and he likes what Soom makes ... if you can ever get your hands on it.
    9. I'd like a Branon. It was only after I saw owners photos that I really liked him.
    10. Argh that means that they're going to release York one day and I'm going to be screwed...

      At least it'll take a while for them to get to him. I wonder what the prices will be?
    11. Good point but i guess will be quite similiar to the actual sale price of the actual IDealians
    12. I would very much love Branon....he is my favorite of all.
    13. I am hoping for some clothing for my Vampire Gluino...I was able to get the doll, but not his cool outfit.
    14. Anyone notice that a "Special Order" tab appeared underneath "Idealians" on the IDealian website? Sweet! I don't personally have any IDealians that I missed out on and that I'm pining for, but I know that there are plenty of people who want a Pangen, so I hope they re-release him! As well as all the other IDealians, of course. :)
    15. Yeah, I noticed the new tab. They must be getting close to being able to release some! ^-^ The only one I really would want is Gluino, but I hope it is a few months before they release him because I really can't afford him right now!
    16. That is a great News !
      I've missed Pangen and loved him as soon as I've seen owners pics of him. >_<
      hopefully he will be available soon again !!!
    17. It would be cool if we could order some of the extra hands in the color of our choice!
    18. Mmm, yes. Hands. And if they release special order JOINTED HANDS for Idealians like they just did for Supergem girls......... oh man. I'd slam the order button so fast I'd probably have a hernia.

      I wrote the QA and told them how much I'd love to buy some if they ever made them, about a month ago, thinking it probably wouldn't happen... but after the recent hand release for the girls, I'm more hopeful.
    19. I would love some jointed hands for Gluino!
    20. I gasped as soon as I saw the new tab. The second chance indeed... I really want Soom to re-release Branon, I so hope for it ... but not right now. *need save more money**_*

      As to jointed hands it would be so great if Soom could suggest it us. I love the jointed hands of my SG boys and I've got used to them so much.

      So that's really good news for all who missed some of the previous ID guys. Just wonder about skin colors in SO, would it be only normal or something different from limited version skin colors?