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Soom Idealian - Photon Angel of Death

Sep 27, 2010

    1. there's a new teaser on soom ID website: Photon.. the perfect halloween doll.
      omg, if he's all bones, i do want. badly.

    2. Soom, you sly devil! You knew I was looking for an outfit for my Monzo death god, weren't you?

      *sighs and waits for more pictures*
    3. I have to admit that this doll looks amazing! just i would be a bit scared to have him around ...XD i think i really would, but it is so impressive and concept is extremely interesting.
    4. Hmmm... That's the second subatomic particle name they've gone with. Perhaps Quark or Boson is next? ;)
    5. I...am underwhelmed. Not by the doll. By the timing. I mean, by the time they ship any of 'em out it'll be Christmas at least, and who wants a spooky doll for Christmas? Noooo, Soom, timing. You hasn't gots it.

      Hey, and who's he holding? Is that a Beryl? She ain't no victim, Death! LOL! ^ ^

    6. That is one creepy image of this upcoming doll, really cool how they got the picture looking.
    7. *raises hand* Spook-tastic dolls are always welcome! Actually, this is the first doll my husband is interested in. He loves the outfit so far, and wants to see more pictures of the doll. </enabling>
    8. ROTFLOL! I give it to you, but if this doll had been available in summer, and I knew I'd have a reasonable chance of it shipping for Halloween, it would be much more thrilling for me somehow. I have dolls I can plunk down under the Christmas tree and feel happiness. This guy isn't one of them...of course he may have an 'other' face that, like Gluino, makes my heart stop!

    9. o_o It reminds me of 07-Ghost... somehow. The seven bishops who are... well, skulls.

      Oh, and judging from the height, the woman could be a Mecha Angel... o_o

      Some pics from the 07-Ghost manga :

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

    10. Fffffffffffffffffffff-! Soom! Oh man, he's so amazing looking. And if he actually is an "angel" with wings... I. Am. SCREWED.

      3 days. 3 days till full pics. I can do this.
    11. Oh, J____ wept. Are we serious? Lord, I hope he has another head! No amount of halos, holy objects, wings, do-dads, or fanciness is going to allow me to put a skeleton under the Christmas Tree. :...(

      I keep hoping for a girl in this line as well.... Be that as it may, I do hope that his human head is all the hotness! Right now, a pass on this one. I hope to be wowed, though it's very difficult to top Gluino's beauty!
    12. Ooo... concept art is interesting... defiinately can't wait to see the photos!
    13. If it has a gray skin and a courageous face, I can't resist)
    14. Yikes! I never gave a lot of thought to dollifying villains, but he would make a perfect doll to represent half the bad guys in fantasy fiction.

      I look forward to seeing what his human form will look like.
    15. So wow, I saw this I my mind immediately went here.XD But, um, interesting idea.
    16. Nightmare Before Christmas fans? Hee hee!

      I have to agree with the timing issue too but for different reasons. I have finally decided to broaden my budget for a special custom doll (see signiture) and then SOOM brings out this death guy.

      I do wonder what his body will look like - more specifically and please forgive me for sounding like a pervert but will he have regular genitals like the other Idealians? Or do you think the hands and face are changible hands and mask and he has a regular body? It's just...imagining a skeleton with dangly bits just...makes me giggle!

      LOL Poptart - totally a Skeletor!
    17. Welllllll... If it's a total skeleton, humans are a species without a certain bone in their body... Sorry! > <

      But I think it'll be regular bod with skeleton hands and head.

    18. Yeah, I think the skeleton will only be handparts and feetparts and faceplate. >.>
    19. I wonder if he will have a different body sculpt though - maybe one less muscular than the boys before him. I can't wait until there are more pictures of this doll. I am really curious!
    20. Whoa...that's impressive. And just when I was starting to sniff around for an undead doll to match my warcraft Paladin...