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Soom Idealian: York - Time Voyager

Mar 2, 2011

    1. Why??? Why??? Why now???? He looks to be so cool.....
    2. YES! Steampunk Pirate man god... :sweat He is going to be lovely...:...( & I'm going to be more broke... :|:doh
    3. He looks so sexy...maybe I wasn't meant to get Hyperon because York was meant for me...yes, that must be it...

      Now I need to find some money *lifts up couch cushions*
    4. I really want an ID. Hyperon wasn't for me... but maybe this guy! I love pirates :) Guess I'll be stalking the Soom website again. *sigh* bye bye money, hello $2 tv dinners
    5. I am loving the sexy steampunk vibe! :D Soom has really been pumping a lot of creativity and beauty into the Idealian line. I haven't seen a single release that I haven't been smitten with! :)
    6. I love the teaser so far... Guess we'll wait until the 4th.
    7. Sooo excited. I'm certain I'll be getting this guy, as he's tan. Unless he's ugly under that eyepiece, which I doubt...
    8. OMG dies......
    9. He looks extraordinarily cool so far. I just would have no use at all for a tan boy. Branon already fills the only role I have for a tan doll. (Although the outfit and accessories could well be PERFECT for my Branon! Who is in fact a pirate in a semi steampunkish sort of world.) I must be strong in this...
    10. The world needs more tan IDealians, siriusstar...

      He's tan. He's steampunk. He's piratey. And from the looks of things, he has really nice lips. *o*

      ................... that font kind of makes it look like his name is 'Pork' ... XDDDDDD
    12. Aww, why?!!!! Why does he have to be a tan, piratey themed doll? I lub tan and pirates. :( I'm probably going to go into debt to afford this one!
    13. ...I'm terrified that I'm gonna be triple-Soomed. :shudder
    14. is he tan or bronze ? he looks bronze to me
    15. He looks bronze to me too. I just use tan as a blanket term.
    16. I am SWOONING, tan, pirate, steampunk? WIN WIN WIN. Technically my Chalco is my steampunk explorer, I wonder if there's a place in my collection for two such dashing gentleman...
    17. I looked at the teaser and felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach, and of COURSE he's an Idealian. I think Soom is telling me I NEED a big hunky resin man in my life since I had the same reaction with Hyperion. But.....I've resisted thus far. *stays to drool anyway*
    18. Oh, my... He's going to be really cool!
    19. Positively horrible. I can't afford to be Soomed by a tan ID!!!!!!
      And now that they officially ended 6 pay layaway...ugh.
      But just from that really miniscule picture he looks SO KEWL!!!!

      I need my 1 and only Idealian! Maybe York is "the one"?