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Soom Idealian51 - Aspen the Violin Player

Jul 25, 2011

    1. I'm not too sure about the looks of the new guy Aspen...something about him reminds me of what I dislike about the Dollmore Model males and wish I liked....think it's the dark lip colour and the elongated eye that is distracting...Galway was prettier! :)

      Link to Aspen's page.
    2. *chuckle* I was thinking he looks like a 51 version of Galway! :lol:
      We'll be able to better tell, once more pictures are put up.
      I really like him, but then I really like Galway, when most others don't. :sweat
    3. It is kinda funny, there are three ID51 guys now and they all have a very elongated eye shape. I wonder if someone in the sculpting department really like it.

      Other than that though! I actually quite like him. Have to see more pictures first of course. :>
    4. heh. I thought he looked like a 51cm version of the 72 York!
    5. I don't like his elongated eye shape, but that giant jaw... it calls to me.
    6. He is cute, but I don't think I am tempted by him, would love to see his face.
    7. Did anyone else look at him and wonder if they got the name from the Aspen music festival? :lol:

      I like the concept, but I agree with Gelfling9uk . . . something about his face reminds of the big Dollmore guys that I just don't really like.
    8. He's up for sale :D.
    9. LOL! Am I the only one thinking it's odd the violin player doesn't come with a violin? ;) He does have a Sherlock vibe, as one commenter said...I wonder if they like the new BBC series too! :)

    10. He is soooooo cute!!!!!! (^_~)
    11. I love that they're offering a nice, casual outfit after the themed outfits for the other ID51s so far.
    12. Ack. With a different faceup/wig/eyes, Aspen just might work for one of my characters. :eek:
      (But of course, it isn't the character that I've been searching for a shell for...)
    13. No violin for the violinist... How sad. I do really like his wig though, and it's nice to see some dolls in casual clothing instead of all that fantasy stuff that Soom is so crazy about. XD
    14. Don't see the Sherlock thing. He'd never be so romantic for starters. But I agree how can you dub a doll "the violin player" and not include the violin as an option? I also like the outfit which once again makes me grr than Idealian51s and SoulDoll Vitos are diffeernt enough in measurement that the clothes don't fit on the latter.
    15. The Violin Player seems quite handsome,but I'm not sure if his clothes and shoes are easy to make...
    16. The shoes would be harder because of the smoothness of the toe cap, I think, but the clothes look like a piece of cake.
    17. He is quite attractive. I like the unique shape of his face and mouth. The outfit is a nice addition for those who prefer contemporary clothes. It is modern without being completely boring.

      I like him, but I don't think I'd have a place for him in tan in my collection, thankfully.
    18. I agree about the outfit - it is nice to see something metropolitan for a change! **Note to Soom - please make this in SG size!**

      In some of his pictures he looks ok and then in others something still seems a little off.....oh well, I hope one day to own an ID and will wait for that big guy to come along with all the whistles and bells!^^
    19. Wow, I wasn't impressed with him in the preview pic, but looking at him more - I really like his face! It's quite handsome and well balanced, though the eyes are again a bit big. He'll probably look TONS better in eyes a size smaller. (Grr Soom, I know you don't make eyes smaller than 12 mm, but if you keep releasing these guys I really recommend you start...)
    20. I agree with gelfling9uk it reminds a lot Nayuta Kenzo from DollMore,which i like obviously,but again i'm still on the fence due to the size...