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Soom Idealian51 Danube "Blue Eyed Lover" Discussion

May 20, 2011

    1. The new Special Order guy is up. He's called Danube - Blue Eyed Lover:


      I can't say he's grabbing me at all, but it's difficult to tell from one photo. Not that I'll be buying anyway.

      EDIT: It's strange - he's down as Special Order and I was expecting a re-release of an earlier Idealian. Am I missing something?
    2. Well considering Soom has also started selling fantasy dolls under their Gem SO page who knows what they classify as special order. :P
    3. Maybe a mistake on their part? But he looks gorgeous....looks like even though I just finished a layaway he's gonna have to go on one LOL! XD
      I dunno what it is, i hope he's got something a bit more 'special' like the two faceplates with Photon and Gluino, they've kinda turned Idealians into just big detailed men with special outfits lately.
    4. Maybe this SO will consist of different ID men, not the re-release of the previous versions. You have to buy the outfit, wig, shoes, and accessories separately, like the Gem's SO. And they're human versions only.
    5. I doubt its a mistake... many people were thinking the same thing about the centaur in the gem SO.
    6. While he is handsome, I have 1 Idealian in my home and that is plenty for me. I just wish Soom would now make more clothes and shoes for them. I love their Bi-weekly outfits, but they should me more elaborate for these size men.
    7. I'm quite excited about him *___* so aristocratic and blond! X3
      I don't have an Idealian yet and he could be the one! I'm so curious how he will look from the front *can't wait*
    8. *Faint*
      He looks stunning! Aow~~~ can't wait to see more of him
    9. I'm actually really liking him. NOT good since I'm poor. But as usual I look
      forward to his release!
    10. [​IMG]

      I'm REALLY interested in this guy and can't wait for his release. I'm hoping he'll come with a "dreaming" and an "open-eyed" head though! Also it looks like he will be in natural skin!

      Anybody else love what they see so far?

    11. I'm confused, too. The next ID of the 72 line is due to come out this month - maybe they're breaking it up?

      Regardless, I think I'm totally safe. He's pretty, but he's not moving me. WHEW.
    12. I like what I see and especially the outfit but I wish he looked completely different from the others....well it's to early I guess to say that since I have not seen the front view. I hope I don't like him, LOL.
    13. At the moment I am totally safe :) Allthough I have tho see more pictures of him. Also lately I feel like I have enough big boys around here ^^;;. If he's white skin I might surely interested since my other Gluino face-plate needs a body.. otherwise.. hmm. Still waiting for York, which made me twitch after seeing the teaser.. this one.. not so much so far I am afraid.
    14. *phew* I think I am safe. He is beautiful, but to me, very similar to the previous Photon and Gluino, and even Hyperon. I was really hoping for more masculine boys (like Brenan) and more clothes/shoes/wigs for these big guys. Just my taste, I guess.
      I might get that wig though and cut it. It would be perfect for my Hyperon :D
    15. He's very beautiful - but like many others I need more pics before I decide if I want him or not. I'm hoping something will turn out not to my liking so I can save my money. I like what I see of his outfit so far though, so I'm definitely interested in buying that and thankful SO outfits get sold separately.

      As for re-releasing old dolls, I've been pining for a Gluino ever since I saw his picture. I was able to finally buy a Gluino head, but I'd def like to have a 2nd Gluino if they re-release him.
    16. OMG, I really like his face from what I can see right now! Can't wait to seee more!!
    17. One thing I notice about Danube is that his order period is only two weeks. All of the LE Idealians have been three weeks. Perhaps this is what Soom means by "Special Order?"
    18. Maybe Special Order means that there is a limited quantity? Like only 100 or so :3
      I so hope he will be as gorgeous from the front *^*
    19. I want to see his entire face so bad!
    20. This is great news! I can't wait to see the line-up! I'm hoping to acquire one.