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Soom Idealian51 - London - Steam Engine Rider

Mar 30, 2011

    1. It is the first time after more than two years (wow!) I like a boy again. ^-^
      He looks gorgeous but there are no funds to get him... >.<
    2. York, London? Are we going to have City names now? ^^ hmmm ebony skin .. I am tempted but since he's the smaller size, I think I am safe. But he DOES look gorgeous. *sigh*
    3. I'm really glad he's under 60cm, because that means I can pass. :sweat I do love what's shown so far though. I can't wait to see more pictures of his face!
    4. Well my post was moved from the regular ID51 thread to here
      and for some reason it was slightly messed up and made no
      sense at all. Please delete this.
    5. Hmmmmm...he looks cool from the side but he is so small for my taste. I hope that I am safe from this one.
    6. Okay, the first Idealian database must include "duckweed" in the title. Just sayin'. :lol:

      I am intrigued by what he'll end up looking like, and most especially his measurements -- if he's close to Souldoll Vito, they have surprisingly similar measurements to Iplehouse JID boys, except obviously in pants length etc. So yes, ulterior motives :sweat. Also looks like hints of more Soom wiggage I'll want. But I love that he's a tan-skin steam punk dude, that combination looks gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him :).
    7. i LOVE the look of London but why oh why is he under 60cm? I may still need to get that wig though if i still like it when the pics are all posted. guess i'll hang tight until then :)
    8. I love his size!!

      The skin looks reallt dark, doesn't it? Do you think he will be the first ebony from SOOM?
    9. I for one are SUPER excited about this new size! I prefer MSD and having something that's like..a sort of hybrid between MSD and SD is so exciting for me!

      London is AMAZING looking! That beautiful skin is just drool worthy! Soom may have gotten me hook line and sinker! I just hope they wont be as expensive at the 72cm boys. ^^: Trying to shell out the money every other month will kill me.
    10. Damn it if he was taller i'd have been alllll over him. Hes absolutely gorgeous
    11. damn, he's too small >_<
      he wont fit with my tall guys.. i have to pass.
    12. I'm so excited... I've always wanted a 50cm doll... I'm praying my dad will get him for my 21st, I've just got way too much on layaway to get him myself...
    13. He's... pretty much the pinnacle of gorgeous in my eyes. I had promised myself I would avoid this size, but...

      Oh, Soom. I don't love it when you break my will, and at the same time... I'm always so impressed when you do.
    14. ohh :D i'm lucky if he is ~50 cm :D then i will have to pass, other than that how soom are able to produce such amazing looking dolls! have they calculated some magic numbers of beauty ... ?
    15. He's beautiful, though someone left a comment on his sales page saying, 'The same face every time'. He's so out of proportion to my preferred SD size but would tower over the two smaller dolls I have. He just wouldn't work. Wish they were giving an idea of his price because I'd be interested to know what he will go for. His outfit and headdress look like they will be stunning.
    16. I think he's gorgeous, but my first reaction to him was "Woooow he looks like chalco" :lol: but i cant wait to see more pictures, it is a pity he's so short, buff short dolls kinda dont fit in well sadly D:
    17. All I can say is that with the schedule Soom is going to be releasing these two Idealian lines...I might as well throw my wallet in the duckweed! :o(Because I won't have any money left!)

      I am hoping I won't like the new size...and the next large Idealian...unless I win the lottery fast.;)
    18. From teaser defintely seems to simliar to chalco,even the wig reminds me this,plus this one is connected or linked in some way to York,the outfit is a variant of the York one..don't know...i'm still not fond with this line...
    19. I'm trying to think what he could be matched with, size-wise. It's possible that we'll see more dolls in this size from various companies in the longer term. I suppose for new collectors, who don't have to think about matching to existing dolls, he'd be a great purchase. Providing they either stick to these IDs, or there are other dolls they can be matched with.