soom imda tinies what fits? wig, clothing and shoe database

Apr 13, 2015

    1. since the soom imda dolls have an unusual body shape and can be awkward to find clothes for, this is a thread where you can post items you have found that do fit, with as much information as possible to help other people find them as well ie company name, size, style etc. as well as which size imda they fit!

      pictures would be very helpful but please remember to stick to the one picture per post limit and link to gallery threads if you have more pictures to show.

      please do not post any chat only/comment only posts in this thread to keep this one easy to scan for info. discussion and comments are welcome in the discussion threads instead :)

      if you find patterns for knitting sewing or crochet that work please post links to them here too (or if them are your own you can feel free to post the actual pattern if you choose ;))

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      sooms's sewing room with patterns or basic slopers for all sizes
    2. body measurements
      IMda 3.0
      height 30.5cm
      wig size 8
      eye size 14mm
      head circ 20.3cm
      neck circ 6cm
      shoulder width 6.5cm
      chest circ 12.5cm
      waist circ 11.8cm
      hip 15.5cm
      thigh circ 9.2cm
      arm length 10.5cm
      wrist 4.2cm
      leg length 16.3cm
      ankle circ 5.5cm
      foot length 3.8cm

      iMda 2.2
      height 12cm
      wig size 6
      eye size 12mm
      head circ 15.2cm
      neck circ 4.5cm
      shoulder width 4.5cm
      chest circ 9.3cm
      waist circ 9cm
      hip 12cm
      thigh circ 6.8cm
      arm length 7.3cm
      wrist 3cm
      leg length 11.5cm
      ankle circ 4cm
      foot length 3cm

      iMda 1.7
      height 17cm
      wig size 4.5-5
      eye size 10mm
      head circ 12.1cm
      neck circ 3.3cm
      shoulder width 3.4cm
      chest circ 7cm
      waist circ 6.6cm
      hip 9.7cm
      thigh circ 5.5cm
      arm length 4.7cm
      wrist 2.3cm
      leg length 6.9cm
      ankle circ 2.9cm
      foot length 2.3cm

      height 11.2cm
      wig size 4
      eye size 6mm
      head circ 10.5cm
      neck circ 2.7cm
      shoulder width 10.5cm?
      chest circ 6cm
      waist circ 6cm
      hip 7cm
      thigh circ 3.5cm
      arm length 3.5cm
      wrist 2.5cm
      leg legth 3.3cm
      ankle circ 2.9cm
      foot length 1.5cm
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    3. i'll start things off
      [​IMG]molly by onebluestocking, on Flickr
      molly my 3.0 is wearing a size 7-8 monique gold wig
      a yosd outfit from aizawarei on etsy the pants are supposed to be loose and have an elastic waist so they fit, they sit a little low on her hips but look fine because the top is longer.
      she is also wearing crocs designed for leeann from affordable designs these shoes seem to fit a wide range of yosdish sized dolls
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    4. Is anyone else able to contribute to this thread? In particular, I'm looking for clothes for a 1.7. Thanks.
    5. I have a 1.7 coming too...would love to know as well ...also does anyone know of a 3.0 body for sale? I have a Gian head no body ...or possibly a comparable size.
    6. Ordering is open for a 3.0 body if you haven’t managed to find one
    7. Thank you! ox
    8. Just thought I'd bump this thread up in case anyone can add to it. I now have a 2.7 and 3.0 on their way but nothing for them to wear.
    9. I have a few items of clothing by Tiren and Katten on Etsy for my 3.0, there is a preorder open now. She’s not cheap but they are very well made (she makes beautiful Blythe clothes too). I’ve preordered the striped blue dress and bloomers for my original Modigli on order. Next year I’m going to try making some basics for them by adjusting a Blythe pattern, as the smaller 2.2 fits into Blythe clothes so I’m going to assume I can enlarge the pattern and hopefully end up with something wearable!
    10. Hello, I have an Amellia 2.6 on the way and I can barely find any clothes for her. I am trying to sew stuff myself but it's not going that well haha. So I was wondering if anyone knows what sizes could fit a 2.6 or could suggest any shops? Especially shoes are very hard to find.

      I appreciate any info!
    11. Some Pukifee/Lati Yellow clothes fit Imda 1.7, though they are shorter the 1.7s.
    12. Ohh I'll get in contact with that seller, thank you very much!
    13. Amy Auster ( Alice’s Tears ) on Instagram does beautiful clothes for imda 3.0 and also Baerengirl ( Etsy ) I did hear that some Blythe clothes fit Imda 2.2 and Oddandella on Instagram does lovely clothes on Instagram for various imda sizes.
      Sorry no pictures but can’t upload.