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Soom Jan MDs: Taco and Dolomi

Dec 30, 2010

    1. Oh my god I never even thought about dragon. I thought they were Shoshon tinies. ...I can't stop giggling at their names though. TACO. <3 I should have bewared saying earlier I was craving tacos...
    2. I thought so too, I mean, baby antlers. But then it hit me, they're clear, like Nephelin's, er, horn crown, so it could be either. Or maybe both? Argh! I just don't know...

    3. I thought the same thing of the horns. I was reminded of Nephelin straight away. Now I can only hope they are dragon tinies because I just missed out on Haidi (was going to order her after work today). :(
    4. O.o January is my birth month... and I do looove tacos.... and dolomite is one of my favorite stones... O.o I think I am sold just from the promo.... :sweat
    5. Oh man, I'm such a sucker for the sleepy ones. And I want those crazy antlers!
    6. So cute! Purely from that pic alone, I want one! But alas no money... I'll just have to stare at the pretty things instead... *sigh* I am now confused as to what they may be though. I thought more Deer or something at first but since everyone mentioned Dragon it's got me thinking. *ponders*
    7. I thought deer at first, but now I'm wondering. Tiny dragons would be adorable!
    8. Hmm... I dunno what it is, deer or dragon, but I love the horns and face and possibly the outfit. I'll definitely be watching this one! And dangit, I just recently ordered my LittleFee Leah! :(
    9. I'm doomed. So very, very doomed. I needed a baby dragon for my Morgen. And those little claws and antlers are darling. Unless they seriously screw up the feet I'll probably be Soomed again. Good thing I've been saving my pennies.
    10. so freakin cuuuuute~!
    11. It looks kinda cute (:

      I don't think it's a deer though, since if you look at it's hands they have some sort of claws?

      Edit: Oops someone else already mentioned that, ahah.
    12. It doesn't matter what these two babies are I literally shrieked
      and screamed when I saw this thread, not a happy sound @ all.
      I've been stalking Soom waiting for them because I had to choose
      between dolls.....and Soom ALWAYS wins.
      Hmm anyone else wonder if it's GS? At first look it seemed like it
      it doesn't really look like GS or CW but guess that's the PS/lighting.
      Either way I'm ruined. At least one must live with me! Love the name
      Taco too lol.
    13. ahaha.. I had tacos tonight for dinner 8D

      she(?) looks cute... wonder what the OE heads will look like if there is any.
    14. Looking again, I really hope at least one of them is colored resin. It looks almost grey from the promo, and I'm hoping that's not just blushing!
    15. I want to see more pictures~ Come on, Soom~ 8D
    16. .... Or maybe its blue skin! :D

    17. Waiting for more pictures...
      I think they will be my cup of tea... =__=
      Start saving money for them....
    18. she is so adorable ~~~;) I want to see more pics~~
    19. Hmm, if they're dragons I may have to reconsider. I'm not really big on tinies(No pun intended).