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Soom July MD tiny: 'Keny & Silt – Little Shaman' discussion.

Jul 8, 2010

    1. Cool, I've linked you from the news post. :)

      I'd been hoping that they'd be Afi clones so I'd be safe, but noooo, they have to make what is possibly one of the best looking tinies to date (for me, anyway!). Darn you Soom!
    2. Totally in love with the tan one, way too cute of a face! I'll have to find a way to bring him home somehow.
    3. I am loving the little skulls they have. :D And such cute faces to boot!
    4. awhh!! so adorable! i especially love their "skull helmets" :D ((or whatever they are called ^^;...too cute!!))
    5. Them elbows. Is that a new joint system I am spying?
    6. ohmygod the tah is SOO cute! do want!
    7. Ooh, well spotted! :o

      That tan one is screaming at me to get him. Bad little shaman! Bad!
    8. That's the first thing I noticed too!
    9. Oh! I might be TOTALLY TOTALLY SAFE.
      This is the first time I've looked at a Soom tiny and felt absolutely nothing at all.
      They came across as very blah on the first look, and this is a really GOOD thing for me as I already bought Nenad in full this month, and am sure to be doomed by the next Remaining Story release (in probably August) since it's certain to be a girl.
      More than one Soom purchase a month is just TOO MUCH!

      I might change my mind after further staring, and the last thing I want is another Hati (the only Soom tiny I didn't bring home and regret it to THIS DAY).. but they're both such clearly boys which just really does nothing for me at all. Even if they have neutral bodies.
      Clothes are way too simple and not my style at all too... and that head mask is WAY TOO CHUBBY, though I don't hate it.
      Human ears = a big no too.
      The faces are cute enough, but seem too close to Glot or Glati crossed with maybe Afi or Ai to warrant going in for just the heads.

      We shall see. Right now I am pleasantly surprised to see that Soom have released the first tiny that has done nothing for me!
      Yay! xD (I'm so weird xD)
    10. Congrats Midnite. X3 I wish I were safe.... The only one which hasn't appealed to me yet was the Eliv/Iv release (and yet I still ended up with the fantasy parts!). Oh dear... I hope they stop soon and do something that totally turns me off!

      I think the WS one is probably intended to be the more girly looking one, but I admit their promos don't make them look particularly girl/boy. I bet they could look ultra girly with some work though!
    11. Oh gawd, I am loving that little tan tiny~! I'm going to just have to have him. I don't care what's on the bottom half, I swear I'm going to buy him. I have an Afi and I've also bought the Soom MSD Aphan... I'm totally going to have to have this tan tiny too!! He's just too cute! Gah! Soom tans are soo irresistable...
    12. I thinks tan is one of my weaknesses full stop - I've got 4 dolls that were tan from the company, then 2 I tanned myself. X3 I can't wait to see people's Aphans, both WS and tan though. He looked cute!
    13. These are the best looking Soom tinies I've seen in ages. I love the WS/NS/whatever version and I also like the little tan one, even if I'm not into tan dolls usually.
      One of these might be a really nice alternative for the Beyla I've originally had in mind for one of my OCs.
      Oh, Soom .. </3
    14. Aphan tan looks more reddish, the reason why I didn't get him. But this looks like a match with my Afi tan. If they matchs, I'm pretty much soomed. >.<
    15. I don't think that's NS. I think it's WS and tan. I'll be REALLY surprised if they're releasing an NS tiny. I don't think they have since Hati/Skoll. That's the main reason I'm SAFE for most soom tinies is because they're always usually WS and GS and I dislike both colours XD

      When it comes to tan I'm an ADDICT and if I think it's cute in NS I'll grab it. But yeah, I think that's actually a WS doll on the left, not NS.
    16. *impatiently waiting for them to go on sale already* @_@ They're gonna ruin all my dolly plans, I just know it.
    17. Too darned cute. The chibi-fied skulls are kind of inexplicable but anerable! I have to admit I can't wait to see their little bovine hoovies if they're going to be like Coquina . . . The little tan one is calling to me a bit but I have no charas anything like him/her so *phew*.
    18. Soom is just cranking dolls out one after another, total madness! These guys are adorable but they don't do anything for me either. Back-to-back neutral MDs with skull masks, hmm. I like their little grub-like horns, though, very cute. Their faces definitely remind me of Afi and Ai to a degree, and despite them both being boyish, I think the neutral face-ups would easily lend themselves to being sweet girls too. Part of me would love bring home a little girl for my incoming Grit boy to play with, but I'm already paying off three dolls from Soom, I think it's safe to say I can stop for a while! X_X

      Still, I look forward to the big reveal of the rest of their parts, but I think hooves are a pretty safe bet.
    19. ooo they are adorable~those lips and eyes~~~ >___< and the skull mask is like.. so cute! LOL