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Soom June MD: 'Coquina- Eternal Destiny' discussion.

Jun 14, 2010

    1. I totally assumed Aphan was the latest monthly - clearly not! Wonder what Coquina's going to be like? I'd have assumed bird-like from the name, but she's rocking a Chalco-esque hat . . .
    2. http://dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php?it_id=1276502960

      I LOVE her face and hope she comes in a non tan color. (Though, IIRC, she is the first tan girl since the first zodiac MD Deneb, which should make quite a few people happy.) She has a skull hat, but no other indicators what sort of feet she'll have.

      It looks like she may have small breasts? They don't look as big as a regular SG.

      She is quite curious!
    3. I love her more tomboyish face, it's so cute! *u* I don't know what other parts she'll have, but I'm sure they'll be absolutely awesome. They always are. hahaha
    4. I am really curious. I might fall for her in tan version lol.
    5. She is pretty but did anyone notice that she resembles Luts Juri06? At least I see it. :lol:
    6. Huhhh, Soom is working really fast lately...
    7. She looks very different from the faces Soom normally does...I'm interested to see more!
    8. Oh no is that NS??? x___x
      Or is it tan? Maybe tan?

      I'm in class right now so I can't look properly but I might be soomed I might not.. will come back and comment properly later!!!!!
    9. Hmm... very big eyes for a SG. I like the Arabian look. Have been thinking about getting an SG, but I'm not sure this girl is for me. Will have to wait and see, I suppose.
    10. Why does Soom do this stuff before I have to go to uni, I need to pay my bills lol.
    11. Doesn't she look like she has the linus hands that chalco had? Egress, she really reminds me of him tan skin, skull mask an' all.
    12. Im swooning over the clothes more than the doll XD. Phew, thank goodness she is not for me. Might snatch up the clothes though :D.
    13. phew, a female, im safe :XD:

      there's something weird in her face but maybe cuz she doesn't have eyebrows OO
    14. What da....I can't keep up...this morning when I checked I saw the new pics of Beryl and now this girl!! Good SOOM for keeping us on our toes :lol: I'm thinking she has the strangest little face....think it's her eyes, they look quite large....younger sister to Chalco maybe, with the elongated fingers and the skull headress....?

      edit note: The colour of her outfit and that they have her standing in a watery background makes me think maybe not Chalco's sister.... I can't keep up with the storyline either :sweat

      I wish they would show what the dolls looks like without face up option too....I wasn't too keen on several MD's default face up's, but seeing what others did with them made me regret my lack of vision for not seeing past the default.
    15. Soom is busy busy indeed! This new girl's face is sort of weird, but also kind of beautiful. There's something unique about it. I'm intrigued, and look forward to more. <3 Is she normal skin, or tan? It's a lovely color either way. I love it combined with the sea-greenish garb.
    16. I will cry is she has SMALLER breasts. TAT
      Dammit I want the BIGGER bust body! That would be awful if they were SMALLER.

      I think I may really like her face now, after some staring.
      Brown wig = big no no for me, but the outfit has a lot of potential.
      She definitely does seem like a more earthy Chalco type.

      Can't help but be a little disappointed though that once again the girl doll gets the neutral-ness while the boy dolls get the fabulous.
      Though maybe full pictures will surprise me!

      Gotta run home now but will be on here SPAMMING later xD
    17. She does look modeled after Chalco quite a bit. If she's a hoovied girl I am SOOMED hardcore, she will do VERY well as the character from my avatar with the proper face-up. I am quite excited about her, I adore her face, it really is so different. <3

      I would be REALLY happy if she were smaller chested, actually. The more Soom dolls I have, the more variety I desire in them otherwise things will be too same-y.
    18. I'd actually rather she wasn't hooved, simply because I may really like her but I already have a big hooved girl.
      Would rather she was something like a bird so I get a totally different set of fantasy parts. I'm all hooved out!!! xD

      And grr I'm still sad she doesn't have the big bust body!
    19. So how come once again the girl is really neutral?
      I mean she's very beautiful and there's a lot of potential there, but that doesn't change the fact that she's still quite neutral, whereas the guys get giant big hunks of GARGOYLE.
      I hope her fantasy parts are AMAZING to make up for it and that the very last girl release this year is AMAZING.


      (please excuse me I am high on chocolate brownie xD)