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Soom Legend Collection: Tremo - Fire Bird

May 7, 2012

    1. Speaking of Galenas~ Anyone caught sight of the new Legend collection teaser? His vest and his arms (nevermind the whole "Fire Bird" part) make me think of a male counterpart to Galena. I'm eager to see.

      Link to Soom Page.
    2. I saw the new teaser when I was checking my facebook this morning. I love his face and ears <3 I am not a fan of wings for arms though and wish they were on the back. Not that I have money for any more resin.

      I need to do something with Kashmir but he seems pretty content sitting on the shelf and looking down at everyone. XD
    3. I think the wing like feathers for his arms are unique for a idea, but I would love to see the rest of him first. Not sure about those horns on his forehead like that, but then again I have never seen a Fire Bird in human form either.
    4. I was really really really really really counting on the fact that the next legend would probably be a boy would mean that I wouldnt want him and I would be safe for a while but I *just* got a bronze galena from the FC event and I ordered a bronze yrie and was looking into finding a bronze Dune so they could be a family ;___; and now this?!!! Here Soom! Take it!!!!! *throws all her $$$$$ *
    5. Oh dear! xD But that would be a completely amazing family. <3 I would love to see that someday! If he's to your (and your Galena's!) liking, I hope you can swing it!

      Darned SOOM, finding ways to eeke out all our money.

      <_<... so... anyone else crossing fingers that with his release comes the revamped male super gem body? Or would that be too much to hope for? xD
    6. I like the face of the new boy and that outfit looks great, but I'm not so sure about the fantasy parts. The head things are a bit weird and I've never been a big fan of wing-arms.
    7. I do. And while I am trying to decide if I like him or not, and I think the tendency goes towards liking, I know that with a new body version, it will probably be a 100% liking. He has a face that somehow reminds me of Obsidius in its style, with sharper lines and narrow in general.

      EDIT: I would only want him if he had additional human arms too though.
    8. Ahahaha, I think I must be the only one who finds those forehead-horn-feathers awesome. :)

      Not so sure about that cleft chin, though. Hopefully that's just blushing. ^^; His ears are epic though.
    9. @Selidor: Oh man I've become a total sucker for the wing arms. They are pretty, for lack of a better word, epic. But finding clothing is pretty difficult. I think Siren is going to be wearing either corsets or Saris or a combination of both...

      I need to stop looking at his face at first I didnt like it and now Im like "huh...he's purty" I'm hopeless, seriously.
    10. I really didn't need to see the new boy, Heaven help me if his claws are cool. I'm in the same situation as you, Lintila, save for having a GS Galena, WS & bronze Dune. I actually ordered a FC Sard/Euclase in bronze to be my firebird character and he's not bad. I'm not sure if I should hope that his claws are cool or not, I haven't even finished paying off my FCS girls. The wings don't factor into my decision at all, the Super Gem sized wings on Galena cannot pose very well, too much resin plus I don't want to damage the paint that does the transition to the transparent part.(if that makes sense-_-) Dune's wings work much better, although it might have helped they included a seperate length of elastic for the wings.
    11. I don't mind wing arms, but half-resin half-feather wing arms? Not convinced that's going to be awesome. :|
    12. @Psycho Sukafu, I will agree her wings are hard to pose and I do wish that they were in bronze resin and not clear but Im so in love I almost dont care.

      @ Logodae My friend pointed that out, Im clinging to hoping it looks a little silly I seriously do not need another lay away
    13. On Tremo - I really like the face (and the ears) and also the head feather-crest-thing looks ok ... not keen on on the wings from what can be seen in the promo pic - curious to see what follow on pictures are going to be though :)
    14. do you guys think soom has made a new male SG body ? :D since their latest girls all had the new body type, maybe he will be the first guy with a new body?
    15. sahoma - that would be great if it was the new body - now curious, especially if there are fantasy legs/claws and how they would work with differnt knee joints ...
    16. LiselT I sure hope it's the old sg body ;) because if it's the new one then I will have to put him on layaway. I really like his face and his head feathers--I assume he would have arms because didn't the original Galena come with a human body option?
    17. AWWWW CRAP ON A CRACKER! I really like him! Love the eyes, love the sharper features and lips. The wings look like a cat toy to me, that boy needs to come with real arms.
    18. I hope those things on his head are magnetic... But I don't see why they wouldn't be :) I guess I'm imagining the weight would pull the heavier top end down. He looks like a big Metato with those eyes and ears!!

      On the plus side, I'm not tempted!! Woot!! First time all year aside from the elves.
    19. love his face and ears! wings of feather and resin???? i think i can pass on those. and the "feather horn thingy" i can' tell. guess i will have to see what the rest of him looks like to see if it ties in. i would be surprised if he did have an updated body. with an updated body and his darker coloring, he will be expensive just for the base:(

    20. Nope, you're definitely not the only one. And I like his ears, too. ^3^

      I still have to see him head-on before I put him firmly in the 'want' category, though... The cleft chin doesn't bother me, but I'm not sure I'm liking the super narrow face.