Limited Items [SOOM] LG Turb&Roxen Limited Full set(Qty3.)

Feb 28, 2019

    1. Dear Customers,
      Little Gem Turb&Roxen Viola purple skin will be release for Limited Full Set.
      (Worldwide 3 set only)
      We will notice release date of this Full Set on Mar.5!
      * Turb&Roxen special order will be proceed for Normal and Tawny skin

      Thanks for supporting us!:D


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    2. Only three fullsets for the purple? Will the fullsets be available for the other resin colors? What time is the release?
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    3. Full set be available for only purple color. And there will be pre-order for Normal&Tanwy color.(only doll, not full set.) It will be released on 3/5