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Soom Little Gem Monthly Mini Doll discussion (part 7)

Dec 7, 2017

    1. They.... they don’t mention not being able to buy the doll in the color it was released....

      And here is my Sueve/Adamelli! ^^


      Company website:
      the SOOM emporium

      DoA Wiki: Soom Little Gem

      Previous discussion threads:
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    2. I ordered a Koori head on a Dain body in Tawny. I also want a white skin Volo maybe or a Dain. What should I do? Anyone else ordering anything?
    3. I'm thinking of ordering either Roxen or Erland on a Rang body, but I'm a bit sad that there's no grey option.
      Did they ever offer grey in a free choice for little gem before?

      (Ah I feel like I'm invading this thread since I've never posted here before :sweat So yeah, hi everyone!)
    4. She is lovely! I especially like the coloured blushing on her legs and hooves.
    5. Thank you so much! A local dolleague blushed them like Obsidius’ original fantasy feet.
    6. I finally ordered my Ior from this latest release! I'm SO very happy! I've been pestering Soom about putting her in an FCE for the last 2 years. xD
    7. We just ordered a Volo head on an Aisling body, and a Luna head on a Volo body! I get my Volo, and mom gets a human bodied Luna! Now I just have to dye my Volo purple, and I will have the doll I've wanted for years! (couldn't manage to buy a purple Volo when they were first released, plus I'd prefer her a slightly pinker shade of purple than the cool blueish purple that Soom's light violet resin is).
    8. I hope I made a right decision on color for my Koori/ Dain. I chose Tawny because i didn’t have a Little Gem in that skin tone. I really hope I like her in that color.
    9. My grey Serin romantic head came back from faceup today. He was done by Dybbuk of Nocturnal Doll and I love how he turned out. These are my two merboys together at last.

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    10. they look so cool *__*
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    11. They are awesome! The grey really works well for a merboy!
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    12. my favorite boys

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    13. Thank you! I am really happy with them :)
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    14. I'm trying to finally get around to dressing my little gems and I'm running into shoe issues. What shoes have people found that work for these guys? Do the ones you've found look over-sized at all? Pics would be great~
    15. Hello there ! I've bought my first soom on DOA and until now I have time to finish her xD

      Here my girl, she is Soom Lody/Sody, I named her Dust :wiggle


      Sadly I haven't buy clothes for her and her own body is still in wait time, that's why now she have to use her sister's body and clothes :(
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    16. [​IMG]
      by Saija Tikkanen, on Flickr
      Just wanted to share pic of Sue, who has been with me 7 years now and also is the first doll that I did get. :whee:
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    17. Have anyone seen Soom's new Nor & Dune-regression??
      The wing parts and theme are so gorgeous I can't help myself but to order it!
      It will be my first Soom doll <3
    18. Hi guys! Can I see your Soom hybrids (heads on other bodies)? I like my Tuff head on my Dikadoll original girl body but that body has a head, and I found out Loongsoul's new girl body (B-G42-03 on Alice's collections) has very similar measurements and I LOVE the aesthetics of that body (and it's cheaper than Dikadoll) so I'm putting it on layaway on the 11th!