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Soom March MD Amphibel - Vala of Light

Mar 11, 2011

    1. I saw there wasn't a thread yet so i thought i'd go ahead and make one ^-^ She's beyond beautiful i think i'm already falling in love especially with the outfit

      Link to Amphibel's page on Soom.
    2. That angel wings!! <3 oh yes love at first sight >.<
    3. Her outfit is indeed gorgeous, and I can't wait to see more pictures of the wings!
    4. Right now I don't like her face :P
      It's sooo funny! XD Yesterday I made a angel charecter for Soom Nephelin :P Maybe Amphibel will be her instead? XD Dunno...
      I looove her outfit!

      Oh yeah, looks like her wings are "jointed"
    5. OMG I so have to get those wings!? Do you think they will use the same method to attach as previous resin wings like Monzos?
    6. I want her.. As a male! *__* <3
    7. i'm not sure i've been staring at them and i am 99.9% sure that the wing are jointed which really makes me want them but i can't tell how their attached on the back, furthermore i can see how "light" is pictured in the photo and how she fits that but what about "darkness"? yeah a piece of the background is black but it doesn't really seem like thats what they mean i'm very curious to how "darkness" fits in with her (if no one noticed under her picture before you click her it says light and darkness where it usually says like "remaining story" or "pella" maybe this is a new line/story?)
    8. Maybe there will be a dark counterpart for her in one of the next MD releases?
    9. that would be incredible i can imagine how beautiful soom could make those wings with their black resin but it seems like they never do what we expect them to do so I'm unsure but i think a dark angel would go over very well they don't usually do many tattooed faces it seems but a dark angel with swirl tattoos around her eyes in white skin would be beautiful. oh well its best not to think of it too much no point in soom torturing myself more than necessary lol
    10. I second this! 8D
    11. I just have to have her, second dream doll after Topaz <33

      I must save up, my wallet is under major attack right now.

      I also love the idea that she might be a pegasus, that'll make me cry and melt into a puddle if I can't buy her. :D

      Also, I think there IS a dark counterpart to her. She has her own page called "Light and Darkness" SOOM just added it. 8D
    12. Wow Amphibel is so pretty! I will get it even if it costs my life (:<
      She's my third dream doll and I'd throw myself down a cliff if I can't get her :fangirl:
      I want her Pegasus part IF it comes out :D
    13. Went on Wikipedia, looks like she might be based on these? Or at least the name is. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vala_(Middle-earth)
      OMG, I want them to do Lord of the Rings stuff now. Tiny Hobbits! :lol:

      She's lovely. A big angel girl...:D

      Maybe her dark counterpart will have black resin wings? That would be a cool way to bring back the black resin without making a big doll out of it that people might be reluctant to buy.
    14. If you look where it used to say "Pella - World Beyond" in the 2010 MD pages, it now says "Light & Darkness" in the 2011.

      I think it means it's a new 'world', and Amphibel is the first doll of this 'world'. So it's possible they'll have other dolls in later months representing Light and Darkness. So it's not "her own page" so much as she's just the first one.

      Also... when I saw the word "Vala" my first thought was to JRR Tolkien's Valar, the singular term being Vala - who are in fact angel/archangel type being who watch over Middle Earth. They're quite prominent in the Silmarillion book and one of the most powerful was a female Vala of Light. Makes me wonder if they're using that as inspiration for this line.


      EDIT: monkeypizzasonic - Looks like you and I had the same idea and posted at the same time XD
    15. A whole series based on the concept of "light and darkness"? This could be good. I forsee lots of black and white resin parts in our future...maybe a black resin centuar? A black dragon?
    16. Hahaha... oh no. She's an angel. Of course she is. Right when I have absolutely NO money. DX I love her, but I think my only hope right now is the aftermarket. Ah, so be it. At least she's gorgeous enough that there will probably be a lot of her kicking around the boards. ;)
    17. I think this may be my first "big" doll.... she is so gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos... WHY must you torture us SOOM??????
    18. OMG. My first thought was "Valkyrie" --- if that's the case, my wallet may be in trouble. I know in Norse mythology it isn't Vala but "Valhalla", but it was my first thought nonetheless. Prob 'cause I've been waiting so long for an actual Valkyrie.

      She's gorgeous.
    19. Purajo, I said that it was her own page because yes, I meant that she was the first doll in that page. ^^ A black centaur would be total love though <3
    20. Wuhuuuu! ^^
      Victoria wasn't sure about the release date.
      --> They were not sure if they should push the girl back to April,
      when I asked her a few days ago. I'm sooo happy to see her
      now! She looks gorgeous! :3 Pretty girl! ;3
      @PeppermintPocky: I thought Valkyrie too --> a warrior Valkyrie! *drool*
      Her face is special and very pretty! O__O