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Soom MD Arkose ~ Morivala of Death Discussion Thread

Dec 6, 2011

    1. I'm digging those horns. Need to see more profile shots of that mouth to know for sure if he's coming home though. As ways to finish a series, he's pretty damn awesome! I'm assuming its male?
    2. Goodness, he's gorgeous. :( I wonder what skintone he's going to be released in.
    3. He's so pretty! And those horns look fantastic.
    4. I *think* I like him, I'm trying to work out if I like him because I like him, or I like him because I know he is the last though.

      But those horns are killer!
    5. I'm curious to see what the rest of him looks like especially the feet. So far I am in love with the horns and what I can see of the wings.
    6. I hope the option parts are bone hands and legs/feet... and optional skull head. I know they already did it with the Idealian earlier this year but I would like to see it again.
    7. you know I didn't care much about this guy....until I saw the wicked cool bone horns. now I'm really looking forward to his release, even though there's no way on earth that I'll be able to afford him if I like him!

      As for skin tones, considering that the teaser pic looks like he's white skin I don't think we'll be seeing any interesting colors, since Soom usually shows the alternate color in their teaser if there's one. Unless they decide to do things differently for this last one of course. ;) I would loooove to see this guy in grey.... :drool
    8. I love those horns. D8> But I'm completely over-extended. QAQ His face reminds me of Chalco. Or a Luts Lishe. ._. Pretty~
    9. I really, really love the horns, and interested in the wings. I also find myself liking the face more and more, I think it is a type of face that grows on you slowly - not the instant "Yes!!!"-type, rather the: "Hmm, nice. - Hmmm, very nice. - *a week passes* - I can't stop thinking about this doll. - *another day passes* - I need it. NOW. *pressing 'buy' button*" -type.
    10. :oGod!! nooo Soom!! I don't have more money now!! but he is so pretty!! And his horns are fantastic xd!!I need this guy for my Phonolus's boyfriend! thanks god for layaway hehehe:)
    11. Well actually i like more the props ( horns ,possible special feet ) maybe an scythe? * prays for a scythe *
    12. this guy is so intriguing... the first photo they put up made me think of boney spider legs, but im not sure how theyd do it so interested to see how he turns out!
    13. If he is like I think he is... Then he would be really epic with the AS Baron skull head.... : D
      I hope he is not like I think he is :P

      Can't wait for more pictures! I hope he will be awesomely epic as the final MD doll X3 ...
    14. I really loved the look of the Idealian (Photon?) Reaper guy, hence why I think the release is a little interesting, at least worth following until I see the rest. Mostly I'm hanging out to see what the feet look like, they seem to have been a make or break deal lately *lol*

      I'm really hoping I can get away without wanting this guy, I've survived this far without a Soom, fingers crossed I can continue. But Soom, if you're reading, we're grateful for the double teaser, very thoughtful of you ;)
    15. I'm really excited to see the rest of him. Are we thinking super or mega gem? I think I'm in love with him already, and if he has bone hands I'm screwed because he will totally work for a character I have in my world setting... I will cry, that's for sure... But maybe with christmas and birthday money I can afford him, we'll see...
    16. To be honest I don't really know.. it's a little hard to tell at the moment but they may decide to go out on a super gem - I'm still not 100% sure about his face.. but I said the same about Obsidius and he turned out miles better than I expected
    17. I'm completely soomed by him and all the pics aren't even out. He'll be my last soom hopefully. Maybe I'll finally get my soul back from them.
    18. I really don't envy the Soomed.. I almost got done with Migma and Obsidius so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be safe *lol*
    19. Hmm, I definitely...want to see more. I think. LOL! Not completely sold on him. I love the frontal view, but the 3/4 in the first teaser made me think of Chalco, and I wasn't a big fan. The horns are definitely rockin', though. I'll have to wait for more piccies.

      Btw - I'm also getting a super gem vibe.