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Soom [MD/Aug] Bygg & Beyla - Thunder Play

Aug 20, 2009

    1. Beyla and Bygg have been released, their sale date is August 21st to Sept 15th! :D

      Beyla is white skin and Bygg is grey skin (+$50), and they are both "neutral" gender. They each include extra hands, a horned and normal head, as well as tails and hoof parts.

      Link: http://www.dollsoom.com/shop/step1.php?number=3744
    2. Omg, the banner
      The romatic grey head is just too adorable ; w;

      Some screenies for people who don't see the banner:
    3. [​IMG]

      For those of you at work ;3
    4. I've had luck with 6-6.5 inch wigs/Tiny wigs. My Glati is wearing a littlefee wig from Fairyland and the other a tiny wig from Leekeworld, both fit perfectly. :)
    5. That makes me happy. I was worried about getting a gray body for the other head... Soom should give an option for ordering a second human body, at least on the tinies.

      I checked the sites. ResinSoul does offer their 28cm body separately and in gray. Bobobie doesn't. The proportion of their bodies does look a little longer/slimmer/more mature than Soom's but it might be workable. The RS head is about an inch smaller.
    6. This is the post with Euclase head on RS body. That's right, the match is quite good ^^
    7. Lady Suiyuki grey resin is exactly the same as BBB/RS grey resin, since her dolls are cast by them. Just fyi about the resin. The actual proportions of the body might be better than BBB/RS, but then again, I've never really paid any attention to LS dolls.
    8. I think they take 6~7, I got a Honey Delf wig for mine.
    9. 6-7 wigs fit these little guys :3
    10. My Arumat (Glati) wore 12mm Soom eyes for quite some time before his 14mm glass eyes came in. There were no gaps or anything, the eyes fit him just fine.
    11. How'd it go with the sealant? Did it make his resin cloudy? I haven't gotten around to facing mine yet, as you can clearly see... :sweat But as someone in the waiting room suggested, he does fit into Ken dollclothing. Of course I had to make some modifications (cutoffs) so his adorable little hoovies would fit :aheartbea


    12. My Littlefee has that outfit! But yeah, Soom and Fairyland both fit in Ken clothes.
    13. i finally began the face up's on mine! i'm still waiting for my fav store to re-open so i can buy there proper wigs XD both of these are borrowed from my boys, they are the right size at least.. but yeah.

      shona (beyla) will be getting a blonde and pink wig, whilst dexter (bygg) will be getting the same thing he's wearing here.

      and closeup's of the faceup.
      i was aiming for a light girly face up, and because i wanted her blonde didnt want black eyebrows or anything :/ i'm going to ajust them once i get her wig i think... (full sized pic for more detail)

      i really like how his faceup turned out... even if its a touch girly XD (full sized pic for detail)

      oh and i blushed there horns, i didnt have any trouble with the MSC on anything on these guys. but the base of the horns blushing are rubbing from locking them in. :/ ahhh well..

      also i remember someone asked about if the bygg horns were blushed black? well yeah i believe they are! as dex has a small scratch around the base on his, and it looks very clear inside! so i believe the bygg horns are simple lightly air-brushed. i could be wrong.. but yeah XD its just my observation.

      also any tips on blonde eyebrows or eyelashes? i want her to look natural :/
    14. [​IMG]
      Just want to share my little Bygg. I've got his OE head a faceup, working on hooves now. Pics to come!
    15. Hmm... has anyone tried applying gold leaf on a doll? That might be something to try! I had thought about using silver leaf on my Beyla, but I might go the more natural/neutral route. Gold-leafed hooves sound pretty cool in my head, though.:D
    16. The only thing I can see is I don't know how it will stand up to movements... like, would it chip easily since gold leaves would be thicker than just MSC and pastel too.

      What I am gonna try to do is probably trying to skip pastel altogether and use pearlex in different shade of gold... and see how it works. It won't be gold colour per se but it'd be gold glitter grey :>
    17. [​IMG]
      It has started to rain heavily with fog. So no attempt for MSC tonight. In the mean time, the OE face. :>
      The light I used on the picture was kinda weird so I had to adjust the colour a bit to get the faceup colour right. The background ended up looking a bit pink. But that's sucky weather for ya~!
    18. Okay, so that looks awesome, no doubt about it! Is that whit on the brows and eyelashes or metallic gold? What kind of paint is that, may I ask? Gold on the lips too, yes?
    19. It is white eyebrows, blonde eyelashes. It is actually just pastel and on top a coat of PearlEx, I bought a pack of it and there are 5 different kinds of gold in there so I tried all the different ones and see which works best.

      Oh and btw, quoting pictures is sorta frowned upon on the forum.