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SOOM [MD/DEC] Shoshon-The First Cánë

Nov 29, 2010

    1. No kidding! He looks like he may be on the Mega Gem body...if he is, I'm soomed since I've been wanting a tanned MG!!!
    2. I was hoping for new idealian too..but he's hot...
      Seems for real to be on a muscular body,i mean where the shoulder is seems more muscular,but maybe it's my impression...the horns are simply gorgeous...
    3. Does look like a Mega Gem! I wonder how those antlers are kept stable? Must have two magnets or something because otherwise they'd just flop down to the sides of his head.
    4. He's just lovely, horns should mean hooves, but he is wearing some fur, wow! I was expecting Idealian promo pics tonight! :o Who knew they were going to SG me out of the blue? Sigh...

    5. Wow, those antlers are SO win... Must have! I'm so glad I'm not into male dolls! But I know I'm putting those antlers on my list right away! Is he maybe a "mega gem" like Monzo?
    6. He looks LOVELY! He reminds of like "Chalco's brother from the north" with all the fur and the antlers. Soom is killing me with this one. He is spectacular.
    7. He have reindeer horns,so this means hooves. Btw the chalco hooves are bigger but lighter so no wonder that these won't be made in a different way.I was expecting idealian promo teaser too...
    8. Those antlers are truly gorgeous. I want to see the face straight on though because I've been somewhat disappointed in Soom's faces as of late. :-/ But the outfit and antlers are already intriguing.
    9. I can see also from his profile ,much different from the SG type,that he will be a mega gem.
    10. Hmm, I love his face so far, it has all sorts of potential pointiness from the angle it's shot from, not as soft and pretty as Epidos (not that there's anything wrong with that, rawr!), but more feral almost. I would so dig a Northern forest vibe from him, or something almost shamanistic, that would be so freakin' cool!

      My only problem right now is that his faceup almost seems mild to me, I'd almost want him in very bold, strong colors. But we'll see what the final pics have to say about that. ;)

    11. i will wait for idealian pics too, but well this MD look interesting, the horns mek me suppose thta he'll have hooes in the ends, i love the wig and the dress btw, the wig have a nice color too
    12. well maybe the face-up looks a bit faint as he's actually tanned?It's possible?
    13. It's impossible to your opinion that he will be a tanned centaur?No?I'm going too far with imagination?
    14. I love the looks of his styling so far, the antlers and the northern dress. :aheartbea
    15. uhmm not quite sure but at least everything it's possible, he seams to me a SG, but i could be wrong also on this...
    16. This. I agree, and I must say that Shoshon looks rather promising so far... I can already tell that his sculpt is more to my taste than Chalco and Coquina even from the small teaser side view we've got. Yummy. And his eyes look super intense, don't they? He looks a bit crazed. (Not that it's a bad thing. LOL)
    17. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooaaaaa...

      You think he could be, like...d stag centaur? Yeah, what if they did go there? But I don't know if it'd work with a mega bod...

    18. Oh I hope he's not a centaur. Love the look of him, but wouldn't consider bring him home if he were a centaur. :(
    19. (First of all, I love your avatar, I've been obsessed with FF8 since I was a younggun!) And second, I dunno, he looks pretty mild to me like the others. :-/ I like his sharp nose but I don't know about the rest yet. Their faces have been really blah to me the past few months.