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Soom [MD/FEB]: Ender Lord of Dead - discussion!

Feb 7, 2011

    1. It's very interesting.
      Mostly because it gives me hope for a Bastet doll xD
    2. Wow. That's what I said after seeing the teaser. Then I said
      something else that I shall not repeat. This is definitely the
      perfect use for the MG body and I cannot wait to see all the
      pictures. I don't think it's premature to say WTG Soom.
    3. OMG Soom. All of my weaknesses. They know them. Hopefully I can resist...
    4. When I saw the Anubis mask (assuming it's a mask?), I knew there was no point in trying to save my wallet. orz
    5. Aw maaaaaaan, why does it have to be a mega gem? I LOVE Anubis, but megas are way too big for me T__T
      I suppose I wouldn't be able to afford him even if he were a super gem, so my wallet is safe...
    6. Wow... he's not even so much Anubis inspired as just, well... Anubis. Very nicely done by the looks but you sort of wonder why they even bothered to call him something different. It's not like Anubis is trademarked or anything. ;)
    7. Dya think they'd, ya know, make it black? O_O N... not that I'm interested in Mega Gems. At all. But Anubis... ah, it looks interesting...
    8. I saw the teaser. And dropped an F bomb.

      Maaaaaaan if he's even half as awesome as I think he'll be...*squints at feet* If he comes with dog leg fantasy parts I R in trouble.
    9. Exactly what I was wondering.... black as an alternate skin color. Haven't seen it before, don't know if it'd turn out nice, but I came across this beautiful picture and I think a black Anubis would be amazing.

      and yes, canine legs are a must! I really hope he comes with fantasy parts :)
    10. I hope he doesn't otherwise he will be a must buy and my poor wallet will be hurting. It's already crying just looking at the teaser LOL

      pleaseplease please let him have a cutesy face and no dog legs please.
    11. Is it a tan Mega Gem again? Oh wow, wasn't the last big MD a tan MG as well? They seem to release more of this type recently.
    12. Well from the teaser it looks like human legs/feet wearing
      sandals. I'm leaning towards mask instead of head just
      based on how it's positioned on the body. I have to keep
      reminding myself that I really don't have room for him and
      he wouldn't "fit in"....oh yeah and that I'm broke. But I'm
      likely going to feel sad about not getting him.
    13. Yeah, I wish they would do Super Gem. He looks stunning, but I have literally zero interest in the mega gem body; even if I was into beefy guys, the body jsut doesn't have the same beauty as the Supergem one. I really just... don't like it, and I think quite a few people agree. Ah well, it's a great concept apart from that. Very different.
    14. maybe the anubis head it's black resin . uff, why they have to do basteth as female?? that's so unfair.
    15. I was laying on my side. When I saw the teaser I was all "HOLY SH" and sat straight upright. xD

      Soom. What are you doing to me!
    16. Juuuuust when i think i'm safe from soom cause they havent brought one out i wanted for ages....they bring this out. ARGH nuuuuuuuu
    17. Upon closer scrutiny..... admittedly I'm not too familiar with the MG body (Shoshon will be my first MG), BUT, am I the only one who thinks that body looks a bit... different? The arm's bicep just seems bigger and bulgier than I'm used to. Eh, I'm probably nuts.

      I'm very surprised that they chose to release this guy now. Not only did they just release another tan MG in December, but Soom almost always follows a Tiny/Female/Male pattern for MD releases. They really broke that pattern big time! I thought I'd be safe this month because I'm usually safe from the females, but then they do this to me. XD
    18. Egypt style >< I love it !
      I suddenly remember a very famous movie...you know....
    19. yeah I thought so too
      I thought he might be a super gem but with new bigger arms (like iplehouse strongman parts)
      now I have to figure out where can I get some money to have this boy (robbing a bank is on my list :) )