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Soom MD February 2010 - Breccia Moon Wish

Feb 23, 2010

    1. Wow, she's gorgeous! Looks like a fennec! Though wolf is more likely, considering the 'Moon Wish' ^-^ She lives in PELLA - The World Beyond...
    2. I wonder? Her ears look positively fox-ish to me, as the color is reddish with a dark hinge. There are red wolves, but they're about extinct..

      You do have a point with the Moon Wish, though. Oh, Soom! More pictures, please. >:
    3. Just can't wait to see more.

      To me, her eye looks like fox. But I think she is more likely a wolf under moonlight ^///^
    4. She defenitely looks like a fox to me! I will be getting that girl! If I don't like the fantasy parts, I'll sell them, but the rest will be mine!!!
    5. I think she looks really nice. :aheartbea
      Something between a fox or a desert dog?
      Her fingers remind me on a cat. ^^°
      Maybe she is something like a female werewolf? (because of the moon :?)
    6. eeeeeep I hope I don't get Soomed, I'm liking what I see already!
    7. Err... what's the difference between hot linking and posting pictures? Because I posted some pictures here and they were removed, so I'd like to know how to do it correctly...

      She is gorgeous! I love her face :)
    8. I'm a little diasppointed it wasn't tinies, but wow is she pretty. The ears look too long to be wolf ears but the moon-wish thing seems very 'warewolf-ish' to me. It may just be distorted because of the way its cut off/ photoshopping issue. I'm sure it will be clear when the rest of them are released! I love her face, too. She has a very beyla pout to her mouth, which I love. I'm safe though...no expensive Soom SDs for me. Can we say canine tinies soon?! :D
    9. Her face is very very pretty, I really adore it.
      I like her ears and claws too. Because they are sort of claws instead of paws, I don't think it is a wolf or fox, although the ears look a lot like it.

      I am afraid that it will be a bat. :(
      Why afraid?
      Because I love bats and I don't think I have the money to bring her home, since I already have chalco on layaway...
    10. Oh Noooooo! Why Soom? WHY?? :-(

      I love her!!
    11. I like your bat speculation! it actually fits in with the moon too! :D

      Ahaha even if she isn't a bat, you can easily make her one~ :)
    12. This might sound odd but I really love her hands!! <3 Even if I don't buy her I must have those hands .lol
    13. A bat would be awesome, but wouldn't the fantasy parts have to be wings then? She already has claws... I wonder about the white fur, too...
    14. OMG, A BAT??!! I would die from cuteness!! :D
    15. Maybe I'm just really tired (from staying up late refreshing Soom!)
      buuut...what's that furry/fluffy black thing in the picture? It looks
      like it could be a tail, perhaps part of her outfit?

      edit: She clearly has fur...on her outfit and her wrists.
      I'm so relieved she's CW, but not sure that helps my
      money any. I'm going with the Fox spec.

      This makes my horrible day so much better.

      When I stop freaking out, I'll return to speculate xD
    17. I think she has something very special about her. Her face makes me think of high-class porcelain dolls more than any other Soom SG mold before. I am not sure if I like her pumped-up lips, but I can't deny she is uber-cute. I am unsure of my Galena's face (the nose puts me off...) so I might consider getting her head to put on big bird body (as Breccia seems to be Cream White as well). Can't wait to see her legs and outfit either!
      I am voting for a Fox btw.

      And I am also hoping they won't stop making Teenie MD!
      Because I really, really _need_ a grey kitty xD
    18. Aww, she looks so cute!! But I was really hoping to see some tinies :( M-maybe some tinies after Breccia? Or will they not continue with tinies from now on?
      I really like Breccia but I know already that she will be too expensive for me.
    19. I love her hands as well!! And her face! OMG her face!! I cannot say the same about her ears though :S
    20. noooooo *dies* I thought I would stop after Chalco *sob*