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[Soom MD/March] Shonki & Appini Bestia Animo!

Mar 22, 2010

    1. Well... who else is completely Soomed? T^T


    2. oh my god. too cute.
    3. They completely caught me off guard - a little black fox? ;o; I am going to be on edge until we get more pictures! I have bad feeling that I'll be having three Soom tinies with me this year... at least. >___>;;
    4. Omgggg are the kittens or foxes? O_O
      They're so cute!!
    5. @Ashers: Thank you for opening the discussion thread. :3

      The white one looks really sweet. From the black one we are not able to see much... >.<
      They look really asian. I would be glad to see more pictures. :D
      I'm interested in the black one. It is a interesting resin color...
    6. I feel as if I might be needing one...doll plans are not looking good now. I'm hoping the rest of the face is somehow so horrific I'll not want it.. *HOPES* /fails
    7. No problem, Felias! 8'D

      I'm pretty sure they're foxes, since their ears seem similar to Breccia's. The white one has definitely knocked me off my feet. ;o; The black one seems really interesting, though having a pure black doll like that would be really intimidating. I already worry about my tan ones!

      Also, another interesting note - does the black one not have a face-up? I see a hint of blue, but..
    8. I'll guess it does have a bit of a blueish face up to mat ch its outfit. soom looks like they are going for opposites themed stuff this time around. the new story is up on the site too. sort of yin and yang like.
    9. Well it kinda looks like the black one has a pink nose, unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.

      ; u ; What cuties! I'll have to keep my eyes on these ones.
    10. Yes, the black on seems to have something blue around his eyes...a shimmer
      and he/she has a faceup - the nose is beige and the lips are lighter too. ^^
    11. darn you Soom, I was hoping not to get soomed this month =__=
    12. it'd be nice to see more animals that don't have hooves come out. I'm glad they did baby foxes.
    13. Ooh, I see the little nose! ^0^ How adorable.

      Hm. I hope they have tails! ;o; Those eyes are really nice, too. Their faces... look so squishy. It's really cute!
    14. epp how adorable! Needs more pics now please! >D I get the feeling I may be doing my first layaway~
    15. Such cute little things. :) I'll probably end up with that little white one, especially if it is a girl. :aheartbea
    16. I hath been overpowered by the cuteness. I need to get them. ;3;
    17. Is one of them black resin???

      I mean...


      Is one of them black resin??!?!?!?!?!:D:D:D

      Edit :: Oh and what's going on with their arms? Is that fur resin, or am I seeing things?

      Edit 2 :: Oh and PLEASE let them have neutral bodies, or give us the choice, or just make them both girls!
      I'd CRY if I couldn't make them both girls. And right now I may want both of them, though I'll have to settle for one in the end xD

      Edit 3 ::
      Wow I am spamming this thread with my edits xD I am just OVER THE MOON that Soom have done some fantasy resin.. that was so what I wanted from them this year.
      It looks like they've created a very different looking face this time round too, which they needed to do as all the 2009 tinies were based on a similar style. To do the same again would be quite boring and no one would need the heads!
      They seem chubbier, and their noses more definied.
      For some reason they overall seem SMALLER too, though I suspect that's just the picture.

      I'm actually not sure how I feel about the way they're done up though to be honest, though we'll see what happens when full pics come out.
      I just think their outfits might not be fantasy enough for me, but we'll see!!
    18. Looks black to me! :) Man, this is happens right when I'm about to hit the sack, too ~ I can't sleep!

      I missed Hati and Skoll, but I really don't think I can miss this one. ;o; The little white one is calling my name. I hope I can make it work! I'm both happy and scared we were all right about the little foxes ~ I shouldn't, but... they're little foxes! :D
    19. They're cute, but they aren't quite my liking. I'm luckily save this time!
    20. This really makes up for the fact that I missed out on Hati.
      She was the only tiny I didn't get last year (got at least one out of each of every other set) and I REGRETTED IT SO BADLY. A lot of people did, and we were all QUITE VERBAL about it!
      I wonder if Soom noticed, and therefore released more tiny paws knowing that those of us suffering Hati/Skoll angst would go for these ones?
      Plus I'm just so much happier to have a doll in BLACK RESIN over normal skin (don't really like normal skin).

      I really love the little WS one too, but I have too many WS dolls at home and the blushing on her seems to be too natural for my liking. Just better hope the black skin one isn't a boy!!

      OH and, do you think they're going to have TWO HEADS?
      Maybe I'm just seeing things but, the black one seems to have closed eyes while the white one has open eyes, right?