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[Soom MD/November] Pyrol and Minette - The Magic Horn

Oct 28, 2010

    1. mee! :XD:
      i can't miss a son for my Epidos.
      i wonder if there is also the OE head with the human version?
    2. AAAAH! Mini ponies whyyyy. ;___; I need to see more pictures to decide if I like the face or not, but so far so good! *____*

      The body body looks adorable! :D
    3. I'm hoping the exact same, Tosh. I am really crossing my fingers for an OE head.

      And OMG - one of these babes would look so adorable with Epidos! :D

      Same here, Aisu. Can't wait to see more pics but... my wallet is already feeling uneasy. :XD:
    4. @_@
      cute, but.... I'm so afraid they're as misproportionated as Epidos was....
      can't wait to see more pics anyway, and hopefully soon!!!
    5. Aaaaaaaaaaaand they had me at hello. They had me at hello. :D

      Goodbye money :( I hardly knew you.

      (Of course, I need more pictures... but I think I can tell...)
    6. Haha, while this is of no particular interest to me (other than the way they have sculpted this wonder) I know several people who are gonna pitch a fit over this idea! Xmas savings around the globe may take a hit because of this XD
    7. so cute, i might want one.
    8. Oh gaaaawd, so cuuute!! Good thing I'm not a collector of chibi tinies! If they were mini gem upper bodied/headed (like the faeries) I would be so Soomed :D
    9. I think he/she looks adorable and I can't wait to see more photos! Those hands look a bit odd, I do like what I see so far of the face. I can deal with a bit of proportion issues with a tiny versus a larger doll.

      I hope to see both Pyrol and Minette in a teaser soon. I'm assuming Pyrol if that is the boy, is the one in the photo? I'll just have to wait and see.
    10. Btw... what does everyone speculate for the second tiny? Another centaur or a human? Thoughts? :)

      Man, I know what you mean. The more I look at him/her the more I swoon.
    11. Ahhh! The pony body is adorable. But I don't think I should get one, I mustn't. XD
    12. All I can say is "EEE! PONY!"
    14. By the way - PeppermintPocky - the title of this thread says Eprol instead of Pyrol. xD I see why you made the mistake though... Soom's crazy fancy writing... xD
    15. >< I was afraid they'd do this, but why so soon?!!!! I really want a teeny pony, but the monies...they are all gone...
    16. D'oh! :doh Thanks Aisu. It's been fixed. ;)
    17. Oh dear me.. So adorable and exactly what I've been wanting. I just hope the head looks better than in that teaser pic. not a fan of it so far, but I could be proven wrong with more photos.
    18. I'm officially soomed again.....*waves goodbye to money*

      I just got Nephelin too...seriously I should just hand them my paychecks. But yes I'll definitely be bringing at least one home and he's already got a name. Enki.
    19. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... *cries* They look so adorable, but I promised myself no more dolly purchases for the rest of the year to give me a break for Christmas.