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Soom :: [MD/Oct] Alk & Yrie - Birdie windie

Oct 21, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Finally we've gotten a teaser for these little ones!
      We've been waiting for a while, and finally the real discussion and speculation can begin!

    2. OMG so sweet!! *o*
    3. I just spotted this on the site! SO cute, but thankfully I'm not too gung-ho the tinier dolls, so I'm at least safe for a month until they release what I assume will be a fancy lady with wings and gloriousness, and then I will be Soomed again. ;_; But I really adore the wings, such a pretty shade. <3
    4. Is it just me, or do they have almost Heliot minifaces? Something about the nose?
      Also, how many do you think I can order without going bankrupt?
    5. look at those wings....
    6. is that the only picture up? (I cant load soom >.>)
      edit - ok got it! strang that there is only 1 of them in the teaser....

      you guys.... I think I'm soomed... I've never been soomed by a teaser .... this is bad...

      edit again - they look like a lost little birdie... you just wanna scop them up and tell them everything will be ok *squeeeesssss*
    7. so far as I can see, the outfit looks sweet! not that much of a fan for the wing arms, but the face (and that wig!) looks CUTE!

      EDIT: and is that NS or WS? Can anyone tell?
    8. We assume they will come with human parts too right? I wonder if we are going to see birdy feet... Or if it'll be normalish feet?
    9. :o:o They've got the sweetest little facesss and WINGGSS OHHRRRHFF
    10. Oh my word :o That has to be the most cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life :D
    11. I hope those wings don't replace her arms, as beautiful as they are xD I can't wait to see the clothes!
    12. It's the only one at least on the eng site. We want more!!
    13. Well yes, as said in the speculation thread, WE SHOULD KEEP OUR MOUTHS SHUT. xD
      The one thing we (well, I) said we didn't want was NEUTRAL NATURAL BROWNS.
      And what do we get? xDD

      However, when I was thinking of brown I was definitely thinking of a more muddy sort of dark brown? This little one (a girl right?) is so light and airy, she's quite striking.
      WHat I really wanted too was something STRIKING.
      Plus, I've been saying I really want a buddy for my Lilith (Glot) as for whatever bizarre reason, my Sorae (Bygg) and Erato (Eliv) are going to be close.
      This new little one seems the PERFECT match for my Lilith!

      One think I DID hope for though and they seemed to have delivered.. ARE THOSE SPARKLY EYES?!?!?!?!:D:D:D

      Either way.. coming home.. without a doubt!
    14. I'm worried that this means we won't be seeing a GS/interesting colour version, if they're doing nuetral browns T_T
      Also, Charsier and I think they have a topaz/heliot/amberish face. I'm more of the Heli/Topaz thingy, I can't see much of amber in there. But they have Heliots nose, which is awesome, cos now Max can have a kid!
    15. Please excuse me, I have to go keel over from the cuteness overload. And cute usually doesn't get to me.

      I want their bits. XD
    16. maybe we'll get a choice of color, like sphaler?

    17. I'd go with WS... at least that's what I HOPE!
      NO NS PLEASE. Or at least, make it an option.
    18. They are definately silver sparkles, like Ambers (which is awesome. AWESOME)
      And yes, I blame you for the brown XD
      I'd say this is the girl, seems like girly makeups.
    19. Considering all previous releases they'll be normal human kids with added fantasy parts. And I really truly believe there's gonna be birdy legs.

      *sigh* no wing-ears.....
    20. Also, that is definately WS, they just listened to us, and stopped oversaturating their pictures with massive white! Hooray!
      If the Boy is darker, we might get a NS option for him, or straight NS for him, I would say. Which makes it likely Galena will be NS...