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Soom [MD/OCT] Phonolus โ€“ Rauco of Fear

Oct 4, 2011

    1. I had a feeling of Obsidius from him... But Gelfling9uk said mega gem, and I looked at my monzo, and Yeah! His neck is a mega gem! 8D
      Can't wait to see more pictures of him x'3
    2. Yeah, I think he reminds me of Obsidius but just in a darker mood. After looking at him, I am thinking to give my Obsidius dark hair in the future. ^___^
      He is really attractive and handsome.
      If I am not so poor right now and Australian money is going down so much T____T. I will get him for sure.
    3. Oh Soom, Soom, Soom... can't I just keep a teensy little bit of my money? Just a teensy bit? His face is lovely. If they've finally done a MG with Chrom-like paws, I have a feeling this is going to be one EPIC expensive October!
    4. Can't wait to see more pictures of him too!
      He is handsome! i love big guy! :D
    5. Soom posted the teaser of new October MD.
      Link here

      It seems a Megagem, something like Chrom from the fantasy hands.

      Wow. I like it!
      But I don't like megagem body, so I'm safe. *more money for Sard*
    6. All I can say is WANT! :fangirl:
    7. He does look like Sabik a lot, and Obsidius too. Interesting....!
    8. This. If they give him "three-part fantasy legs", I am doomed. I think this is the first doll I have seen since last year that could heal my pain from not having bought Shoshon.
    9. He's look like something that I looked before((( Nothing extra new... But may be it's because default make-up and only one shadow promo... Sadly(
    10. He looks very Chrom like to me, and that was BEFORE I noticed the wolf-like hands!

      I was surprised to see he is a Rauco of Fear though as he is screaming light to me instead of dark.
      I know he's not glaring white like the other light MDs have been, but he lacks the darkness that the other dark MDs had also.

      Very glad they seem to have skipped over a girl release this month anyway, which of course we already knew but... yay all the same! I'm too broke to need a girl SG right now!
    11. gahh.. noooo. I just received my first MegaGem (an Ender).. and I just thought by myself: Not bad, could use more. Then I saw Phonolus and my heart sank. Super epic expensive october EVER.
    12. But then again, Obsidius was a mix of light and dark too....
    13. Exactly what I think, they are both very carnivore - like. They would make such a perfect couple - or wonderful enemies. Or even brothers, given that they look somewhat alike.

      On another note, Phonolus' face reminds me a bit of the Idealian faces.
    14. That's a good point actually!
      Now you've said that though, I bet there are going to be people with Obsidius cursing you because now they'll want Phonolus too to have the pair! xD
    15. Yes, Obsidious conspired against Bazael, so though he is from the light side, I would say there was a definate dark element to his personality!

      I think if Phonolus has fantasy parts, which by his hand looks likely, he could be very expensive...! And do you think that resin colour is 'tawny'? Looks too deep to be ns and not dark enough to be bronze...well, whatever that white fluffy thing is going on in the background, I like it! :lol:

      edit: I just thought, the white stuff could be wings, and if they are, him being a Rauco, should they be black? In anycase, looks like he may have a great outfit too....
    16. I just made up my mind last night not to get any more dolls after the next two I'm waiting on to be released come out, and then Soom does this! I've been waiting on a tan big dude, but I was going to nix the idea to keep my collection in check. ARGH!!! ARGH!!! ARGH!!!!
    17. Gaaaah I was so sure I was going to be safe from this release, but the teaser...Just like dollblue said earlier, this may be the one to heal the sore spot left from passing on Shoshon...my biggest dolly regret at this point. But seriously, Soom has gotten me nearly every month since February^^; Can't decide if I want them to stop or continue*_*:sweat Can't wait to see the upcoming pictures...but I was so looking forward to being free of my Soom monthly tithing!
    18. He looks gorgeous ;0; If he comes with a human head option I'm dooomed T______T *shakes fist at Soom for taking all of my money*
    19. He is gorgeous. He could be the perfect love for my Topaz. *sigh* But I fear I can't take him, as I have two Marketplace dolls on layaway....

      He looks like he could be the perfect replacement for Shoshon, which I got, but sold as I couldn't bond with him. As Obsidius is meant to be the lover of Topaz' brother Epidos and her beloved is planned to be the best friend of Obsidius he would be just perfect. So sad... seems like I always doing the wrong choices.... I passed on Stayne for Shoshon, now I'm paying off Stayne and have to pass on Phonolus I suppose. Guess next year I have to be a constant visitor to the marketplace.