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Soom MD October: Nephelin – Sacred Vow

Oct 5, 2010

    1. Oh my god her wings are SO COOL. *nerds out* Her face reminds me quite a bit of Breccia, maybe it's the neutral face-up style.
    2. she looks coowl.. i'm curious to her wings and foot.. hope there will be more soon! ^_^
    3. They don't look jointed though, which is sad. :( I guess they're going to be like Monzo's wings.
    4. OMG, I´m totally in love with her face, she is such a beauty. I think I have to try everything to bring her home.
    5. Looks very pretty, though I am disappointed we don't get tinies :(
    6. ... oh dear. This is not good. I've just moved out, got myself bills and rent and all that jazz. New dolls I fall instantly in love with aren't supposed to come along until I've got some savings saved up.

      This is not good at all.

      *hopes that she'll fall out of love once she's seen the rest of her*
    7. I was like 'Huh? Not tinies...a girl?' :O
      But I looked at her picture and I thought
      she is very pretty! :3
    8. I sure hope she really has that haunted look, and it's not just the promo picture.
    9. Wow, I like her face *o* Reminds me o bit of the Amber, same mouth (and the hands seem the same too).
      Can't wait to see the parts!
    10. Wings! mm looks very intresting! The face reminds me of Heliot :)))
    11. I love her! She reminds me a bit of a dragon XD
      I wish I had the money for her :(
      She's the first doll i've ever seen where it was love at first sight... Amber is still my holy grail (Also instant love but I couldn't buy her at that time cause she already was sold out, ya know...)
      OMG! I want her D:

      Now we will just have to wait for the rest of the pictures XD
      (AHW! Cute cute cute horns/ears!)
    12. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Holeeeeee crap!

      She's like Amber and Heliot had a love child...she's astounding! This is so bad...why, why Soom? Has no one told you about Christmas? It's the time of giving to others, not to me?!


      Soooo bad... I suppose I should be happy she wasn't released in November like poor Vesuvia. Soom is disgustingly heartless. :|

    13. She has a nose like Onyx... I wonder if she will come in gray as well????? I hope she has the bigger boobs!
    14. IS THAT A DRAGON?! *sigh* I'm broke... and I really shouldn't make myself any poorer. *sigh*
    15. To me she seems an albino bat..more connection with Monzo by the way then with Tuff & Sueve...
      The face mold reminds a bit coquina style,as hands...
    16. I wonder why I was expecting tinies? ;) Looks like a dragon lady. She's a little hard to make out with the Photoshopping, but looks like a ws dragon or bat. The hands remind me of Amber and Heliot for sure -- Soom 'god' hands. :) I'd really love a shot with her facing us though. To me, right now, she looks a mix of Amber and Topaz. :)
    17. *agrees with heidipay*
      *cries big, crocodile tears of WANT*

      Damn it, Soom! I should be saving up for Christmas! Not crying over more awesome resin!

      Her wings remind me of Monzo, which are more bat-like than dragon-like. In either case she's gorgeous, and I can't wait for more pictures!
    18. Whoo! I think I might have to figure a way to afford this girl...sheesh, Soom, you are KILLING ME!!!!
    19. Could those horns actually be her ears?