SOOM MD - Pel Thunderbird Summoner

Jan 20, 2011

    1. I am confused about this it a boy? I cannot find anything about Little Gem on Soom and all the info on the internet says Little Gems are tinies, and Soom says he's 43cm? Where can I find more information about this? Thanks.
    2. It says right on her description several times that it is indeed a girl. :) She is so cute.
    3. So far all of the MD's in Sooms Remaining Story line have been
      MSD's. They don't sell them as basics on their The Gem site, so
      you have to click on the Neo-AngelRegion tab, that's where they
      sell their Little Gems.

      Pei is cute, but I'm safe from wanting her. In one sense I was hoping
      for bird fantasy parts but admit that I'm relieved she has none, but
      her bird beak mask is cool!!