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Soom [MD/Sep] Epidos - Flame Sword discussion.

Aug 30, 2010

    1. Holy crudmonkeys! They really went and did it! Thank goodness I'm not into centaurs, because I have absolutely NO money at the moment. XD

      I'm expecting this guy to start at a pretty hefty price. I'd say they won't charge less than $1000 just for his basic version. That's simply a guess on my part, so no one start freaking out yet!

      It's a darned shame this guy won't be a basic! We could use another basic centaur on the market for sure!
    2. So THAT's why they had to push the date back!

      Sooo excited! Not because I'm going to get him, 'cause I won't, but because I wanna see what craziness Soom has created!
    3. Heh - hooves in spades. As a former horse breeder I do have to nitpick what look like poorly conformed front knees (back at the knees, a fault in real horses) . . . but I know that I"m just nitpicking there. This "flame sword" business sounds promising, and I'm sure this'll be a doozy of a fullset :).
    4. The price is definitely going to be pretty steep. I imagine they'll offer the option of a getting him with a human body or with both. Now THAT would be a mega expensive fullset!

      I am excited for this, I want to see what it's going to be. This is the first biiig MD that I have thought oooh! about, aside from my beloved Chrom. I love me some soooooom.

      I like the idea of a centaur doll a lot. Domodoll's centaur tiny is adorable, but I haven't really fallen for the the bigger ones. I will be watching this with interest.
    6. Please tell me it's just a horse and not a centaur.... If it's a centaur I don't know if I could pass it up:|
    7. I would prefer just the horse or a unicorn without a human upper body if the sculpt is beautifully done, but I'm sure plenty of other people will certainly groove to a centaur.
    8. I personally don't need a centaur but the body looks good. Already more convincing to my eye than the one released by Souldoll. I can't wait to see the Full Set and what kind of options he comes with. I hope there is a Flame Sword!

      Not only will the Full Set be expensive but think of how much they could charge for body blushing! Ack!
    9. Well I knew the next MD had to be something completely
      different and amazing that they needed more time for it!!
      This was my reaction when I looked at Epidos: omg omg
      omg omg omg!!!!!!! My Mom looked at me really oddly lol.
      Wow....how am I going to afford him though??? *sigh*
    10. The horse body is looking gorgeous - and also complicated to put back together if taken apart! I'm excited to see the whole doll, and I agree on the FS pricing *_*;; But I'm really intrigued by how the body poses! I'm wondering if the tail is detachable XD Then people who want real "horse hair" can make one for it o3o
    11. The horse body looks pretty good so far! I was always sort of wigged out by the slim "waistline" that Souldoll's Chiron had. It looks like it has more joints and posability than Domuya's Nightmare fantasy horse too and the resin tail looks lovely so far.

      If this was *just* a horse that would have me in trouble, but considering it's probably some big burly rippling man body on top of the horse's shoulders than I think I'm safe :)

      EEK!! The tinies that go with this one will be CUTE AS A BUTTON! :D

      EDIT: As for price--Souldoll's Chiron was $1150 for the basic Centaur package so I definitely think this guy's starting price without any of the trimmings will be over $1k :(
    12. Although the second pic looks like it's a fake/resin tail the top picture sort of looks like hair. So maybe they give the option. That would be nice.

      Not sure if I want to be a horse or centaur more, though it would be really nice to see how they worked the human/horse contrast

      I second that comment about teenies. I probably won't be able to afford this guy. But a teenie of him *swoons*
    13. I actually would prefer he was just a horse, lol, but centaur it is I suppose. Really neat, and I'd LOVE to see his posing ability with those interesting joints, but mostly I think I'll be safe, which is VERY GOOD NEWS XD
    14. Holy -- I don't think I can resist this! )':
    15. This looks like it could really be amazing! I don't have the room for it and I can't really afford it, but depending on the full pictures I may have to get it regardless. Here's hoping I don't like the full pics :sweat
    16. hmmmm... i wonder if he is 'just a horse' because there has been a significant amount of demand for 'just a horse' in the right size. a beautifully done horse could be a very perfect creature.

      how about this? does anybody think that the front legs look more 'female' and the back legs look more 'male' and that perhaps this thing is a Dr.Doolittle "pushme pullyu" type animal ? 'epi' refers to "horse" and 'dos' means "two" .

      yes :) it is very late at night here. my mind is boggled staring at all those hoooooooves ...
    17. WOW, did not expect that...So far it looks pretty good, and nothing looks too 'off' to me in terms of proportion (yet).

      I third the comment on the Teenies! Oh my gosh... *starts saving*

      I think they look about right to me :) the front knee's look a little knobby but overall really good, that said all animals turned into BJD form look a little 'off' to me, it's harder to simplify their body structures it seems...

      And your Pushme Pullyou comment made me giggle ^_^ Love that movie... That would be a truly out of the box concept for Soom, but both the front and back legs point the same direction.:(
    18. twylight: yes: i noticed that as well with the legs. but, i consoled myself with this: what if it is a statement on 'feminism' ? :) she is out in front leading the male around ?

      yes: it is very late here. getting later ever minute O_O .
    19. Oh nooooooes. My money, it dies ;___;

      And OMG tinies.... D= I'm so torn! *shivers*