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SOOM [MD / SEP] Sphaler - Millennium Mireu - Teaser posted!

Sep 21, 2009

    1. Is he white skin?
    2. Since he hasn't been released, and there haven't been more photos posted, no one knows for sure yet. But there's a very good chance that he is white skinned.
    3. Ordering period revealed!! It says he'll be available from September 23rd to October 10th.

      That means...he could be released tonight?!! 8DDD *squeeees*
    4. He's up for sale!
    5. He can actually be ordered in WS or NS. :)
    6. I asked the Soom Q&A board, and all parts will be the same color as the body. So, if you order a NS Sphaler, you will have NS horns.
    7. Was it ever confirmed whether he comes with human legs or not?

    8. All MDs come with human parts (legs, feet, hands, etc) in addition to their fantasy parts.
    9. Yes but so far each of them had it confirmed and the normal/fantasy parts were all on the list of goods...
    10. It lists 'Super Gem Male Sphaler (Human Body)' in the images. I don't think they could list 'human body' if it didn't include the whole human body. :)
    11. Hopefully, but as a Soom addict you do recall that every other MD had human parts explicitly listed *_*
    12. Not to sound rude, but actually, no, they did NOT. I just checked all the way back from Bygg/Beyla through Euclace, and not one of them explicitly lists the "human parts" separately from the fantasy parts. The only part explicitly listed other than fantasy parts is heel feet for some of the female dolls. In fact, Sphaler was the only one I saw explicitly stating "human body" anywhere, the rest just listed the body size and gender (ie "Super Gem Female").

      There should be no question on whether or not Sphaler includes human parts, there isn't anything to imply he doesn't.