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Publication SoOM MD

Mar 27, 2009

    1. The other ones for the elements have been clarified by soom to be Super Gem size, so SD17ish size n_n
    2. Oh my god, it's in Elvish. Why is it all in Elvish? o.O Holy crap, they... didn't even make that many mistakes. Wow. Where in the heck did Soom learn Tolkien's Quenya? *baffled* The names of the elements, the continents, lands and other things are all in Quenya - borrowed whole with meanings intact, not just morphology and phonetics.

      Not only are they basically all right, but they picked some obscure ones - I thought they were wrong until I looked them up. The usual word for 'fire' is Nár, and 'light' is usually Cala, but the Úr and Cálë forms are attested, they're just not normally used. Huh.

      Dayam, someone did serious homework on this. Máranóna, Hiswemar, Urmar, Martafásë, Tasarë, those are all valid Quenya words, and the meanings not only make some sense but they're interesting. No idea where the 4 worlds Easchtheim, Tweedeheim, Dreddelheim, and Feadelheim come from - they're not Tolkien, except in Feadelheim the morpheme 'fea' is likely taken from elvish; it is the Quenya word for 'spirit, soul', and that being the Spirit world it is most likely.

      But the rest of this - fascinating, and very well done by someone! According to Soom, these are:

      In the beginning -
      Máranóna - "who was born in the beginning, the top of the God"
      Hiswemar - "with only gloom, of the cold ice"
      Urmar - "with only light, hot [world]"
      Martafásë - "center of the world, started, amalgamating from"
      Tasarë - "the tree of life where keeps the world"

      Creating 4 worlds & 6 continents -
      Elements - "the tree of life fruits, each one kept the continent of the origin which each attribute which listens, one by one manages the task which received"
      ilu - the all, everything
      cálë - light
      morna - dark
      nén - water
      cemen - earth, also spelled kemen
      vista -air
      úr - fire
      [Morna] Helcemando - "the continent where Ice cover the whole ground"
      [Úr] Urlatta - "the ground where the fade out flows"
      [Nén] Vanyanal - "the continent which sinks to ocean inside"
      [Cálë] Ortoherenya - "white desert"
      [Vista] Súrëlindorinan - "the canyon with sharp pointed rocks"
      [Cemen] Failatalan - "the ground of green grassland"

      These are less obvious, but even more interesting, though it's hard to say what exact translation they were aiming for, as most of the elements have more than one gloss, but together with the others they are made up of:

      mára - good
      nóna - born
      mar - earth, land, dwelling, home
      marta - fey, fate, but also an element Earth as in Martano, Earthbuilder
      hiswe - grey, fog, gloom
      ur - fire, sun, heat
      fásë - gap, gulf
      tasarë - willow tree
      helce - ice
      mando - prison, doom, dread, duress, hell
      latta - hole, pit
      vanya - fair, beautiful
      nal, nallë - dale, dell, valley
      orto - mount, mountain
      herenya - fortunate, blessed, rich
      súrelindórinan - valley of singing wind
      faila - fairminded, just, generous
      talan - ground, floor, base

      Of particular interest is Súrëlindorinan - it is quite obviously taken from an Entish designation of Lorien, 'Laurelindórinan' in LOTR, and the element 'laure', golden light, has been substituted for 'súrë', wind. The accent from 'dór' is missing and the diareses over the e in súrë is completely unnecessary when it's not word-final, so it should have been removed as part of a compound, but that's a minor point as well. Overall, they did a fantastic job, and whoever did it sure as hell wasn't an amateur! I'd love to know how they even got the idea and who they got to translate for them.

      ...Doubtless no one else finds all this as interesting as me, but I thought it was worth pointing out. XD
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