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Soom Mecha Angel 80cm

Feb 22, 2007

    1. 60 cm was tall enough already, really...then there's the Hounds which are 70 or something...

      It's going to be a lot harder carrying something that tall around on a regular basis, I can see. *_*
    2. I'm hoping for 62-65, as being a little taller than my gangly Dollshe boys would be... interesting, but any taller next to them would surely make him completely out of scale...

      Interesting, anyway! I look forward to more pics & info!

    3. Don't forget about the male DOTs, they're awfully tall..and there's the SD16s and the DZ 70cms...

      I don't see dolls getting much larger then eightyish centimeters, however; I feel like maybe they might be -too- big at that point, but who knows? We might all end up pleasantly suprised if we see a much much larger doll on the general market.
    4. I hope he`s not 80 cm... I got a 77 cm Bishonen House boy and he`s QUITE a handfull... and heavy... I love him to bits but I`m not ready for another giant.
    5. Where is the picture on the site? I tried to find where the original was found on Soom, but I couldn't find it. ^^

      73cm-80cm would rock my world. I have a character that is supposed to over seven feet tall, so I would need a very tall doll to keep that proportion. :D

      I look forward to developments!

    6. 80cm? I think 60cm is almost to much xD but some people may like it.
    7. GehO.O! That's more than half my height! I'd be kind of intimidated, but it would be so cool to see^.^;.
    8. Yikes, 80cm? Waaaay too big. XD If he is going to be that large, I hope his legs are more shapely. The one thing that really bothers me about the Dollshe bodies are his stick legs. XD
    9. I think that's more than half my height... I hope that's not the case. Good god. o_o
    10. Yeah, how tall are you?

      I figured out that half my height would be 75 cm>.<.
    11. 80+cm would be so huge!!! My boys are pretty big as it is... 'Nuff said, though, because I still think it would be really cool to a have a doll that big. ^_~
    12. :lol: half my height would be 81 cm... I think I am safe... but?
    13. I'd be interested in seeing a doll at 80 centimeters. I like the taller dolls but I haven't seen a Bishonen House in person so I really don't know if 80 is too big. I think I wouldn't mind as long as he is not too thin.
    14. Hmm intriguing! Well, as long as he's handsome...
    15. Oh my goodness! I can't wait until they give out some information - and pictures! :D
    16. Same here, I already thought Hound was big, but if this would be even bigger, then I'm going to explode! How heavy will it be then! :o
    17. Oh, I am crossing my fingers for an 80cm, and then a GIRL to go along with him! I don't need another boy around here (yet, at least), but oh how I want a big big girl. :eusa_pray
    18. I'm interested in the musculature - from what we can see in that picture, he looks like he's got some nice shoulder and back definition...

      Sadly, I want a nicely-muscled guy who's SHORT...looks like ElfDoll's Wu/Red body is still the winner, for me. But I'll hold off on that until we see more of this guy, just in case. You never know!
    19. O_O he better be 80cm! I'm a tall girl at 5'10 (181cm-ish) ^^ I find my DollZOne boy (70cm) to be too short. I would love a tall BJD!!