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Soom Mecha Angel girl Betel

Mar 13, 2011

    1. I didn't find anything more than a news thread for this doll, so I thought I would start a discussion thread. I can't tell if she was released in February along with the other Mecha Angel girls or not. Either way, I am quite taken with her and would like to hear any news or discussion about her.

      If she has been released, did anyone order her?

    2. She was released when the announcement was made and has been available twice. I guess she just wasn't very popular.

      I really like her. I plan on getting her when my layaway list goes down a bit, though, as usual, I wish she were available in WS.

      I think what the MA line really needs is more men!
    3. I guess I wasn't paying attention, and there weren't the usual arrival posts of her in the galleries. :sigh I'll save up and keep a look out now.
      Maybe they do need more men? Funny as the Mecha Angel line started with male dolls. Anyway, if I ever get my Betel, HE is actually going to be a man. :lol:
    4. Heh, I was actually looking at the MAs the other day thinking that if I got another one, I'd want Betel.. as a boy! *grin* Guess we should suggest this to Soom. ;)
    5. I haven't decided if I want to actually put a Betel head on a boy's body or try to mod the Soom girl body into a boy body (I like modding things). I honestly thought Betel was a boy when I saw the head. I had to look at a few more pictures before I realized she was supposed to be a girl. I now realize she really is quite feminine, but I guess that is what staring at BJDs does to your brain. @_@
    6. I think one reason I like Soom is because they tend toward pretty boys, and pretty girls who may as well be pretty boys. *laugh*

      Hmm, MA boy bodies are pretty slender as it is, I'm not sure if modding the girl body would be too femmy or not. Hmmm....
    7. I think I will try to get the female body, and if I don't like it, I can try to trade it for a male body.

      I'm surprised... no one bought a Betel? I hope they don't discontinue her for lack of popularity before I get a chance to buy one.
    8. Hee. I look forward to seeing her then. ^__^ There are waaayyy too many Sabiks on the forum, and not nearly enough of the other MAs. :)
    9. There could never be too many Sabiks. ;) But still, I really wish they'd make more boys. (And bring back WS!! At least occasionally.) Real boys. Not just girl heads on boy bodies.

      I hope they'll keep Betel around awhile. They discontinued Meisa. I am fortunate to have managed to get her in WS and I'm glad I made the space for her. Sometimes people (myself included) focus so strongly on the LEs that they do not realize that basics can get discontinued and may end up rarer than the LEs.
    10. I also wish they would offer them in white skin again. :sigh

      heh All of the dolls I have that I could no longer buy new if I wanted to are standard dolls that were discontinued, actually. My two limited dolls are taking years to sell out. XD
    11. I just saw Betel today (the last time I looked at the Mecha Angel line was sooo long ago), and I thought she was a boy. lol >.<" For some reasons, that face reminded me so much of some other male Soom. I really wish they offer body exchange because I would like that sculpt on a male body instead.
    12. I second this.
      Soom, why you offer Saiph (who IMO is the only feminin MA face) as boy but not Betel???
    13. Yea I just suggested this to Soom on their Q&A. Hopefully they'll really put this into consideration. I'll let you know what they say when they reply.

      This is the reply.

      Dear customer,

      Good day !

      We really appreciate the inerest you have for Betel.

      I transferred the idea of a male version of her to the development team.

      Maybe they will consider the idea and make your wish cojme to true later.^^

      Please come to visit our website and check the new creations.

      Thank you so much, and have a happy XMas~

      Best regards,

      Victoria, SOOM
    14. Ou, i can't agree with you. Betel is the type of REAL woman for me. Almost the best woman among all bgds. I am planning on buying her after and for my male Mecha Angel. She looks like mistress of Golden Forest. Still her cyberpunk clothes is ok too. - real lady is real lady in everything she wears.
    15. I agree with Erlif. Betel looks very feminin and I have ordered this doll today! I'm almost happy (almost means a long waiting period).