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Soom Mecha Angel Girl - Meisa

Oct 15, 2009

    1. :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      Talk about Soomed! I am head over heels in love with this one. Finally, a Mecha girl with a little 'tude!!

    2. She's amazing and what an interesting face shape she has! I'm in love with Saiph but Meisa's eyes tempt me.
    3. I LOVE her! :D Just yesterday I was looking at the MA page and wishing they'd come out with more of them. I adore my Sabik and Vega, but none of the other girls do anything for me. I'm sure she can be badass enough for my Acacia with the right face up and perhaps a tiny bit of sanding to the lower lip.
    4. If I cant change my order then I'll just have to sell Saiph and order her. I really hope they make this an easy transition.
    5. ...oh curses. And just when I thought that the delay on Idealian would keep my budget sane. She's STUNNING!
    6. I will have to order, there's no other way around this.
    7. A very lovely girl - first mecha girl I've liked. Her face reminds me a lot of Sphaler actually - except her lips are fuller...
    8. I wonder if they'll have that outfit at some point as well. It's also one of the more lovely ones for the girls. Some of the others have been too sweet for my taste, but that looks like it's got a bit more spice -- and the parts of it look like they would mix and match with other pieces very well.
    9. I'm not normally a huge SOOM fan, but I have to admit, she's gorgeous.
    10. >_< Why 80 cm?? WHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!
    11. She looks like an Ed June to me. Pretty!
    12. My god, she's lovely. A classic beauty with an edge. She most definitely has to be my favorite Mecha Angel sculpt yet, and I thought the girl and boy Saiphs already had me sunk ...
    13. she is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Its such a love at first sight with her for me!! And here I was thinking I was done with Soom ><
    14. Ugh..I'm so sad she's a Mecha Angel..80CM is just too big for me..she's so beautiful! I love her face..in it's entirety! What lovely eye shape and those lips are just love.. -siiigh- Oh Soom..will you make me break down my rules about not only female dolls but also size and buying from you again? -mutter-
    15. XD You never know... Soom might break down one day and offer the head as a boy version too...

      Sometimes I wish Soom was a little like Fairyland/Luts with their various sizes of each mold. =/ I'd get behind a smaller size, but... MA's are just way too big.
    16. I too wish they gave more choices. I wish tan could be an option and head parts.
    17. Haha, yeaaaah... no kidding. XD
    18. She is one beautiful lady... Im still holding out for someone to sell me their Saiph. I have Vega and Deneb but Saiph is the one for me. Im a huge fan of HUGE dolls. I have Hale the 90cm boy on the way.... But im a big Mecha fan.... . LOVE my Mecha Angels.
    19. She's gorgeous, but with all the topsy-turvy behavior from Soom this last week, I'm not even going to consider thinking about buying her until things settle down.
    20. This is where I am on it as well. Also, with layaway fees looming, I think I am going to wait until the combination of 'money in hand' and 'available in FFD' happen to happen at the same time.

      It may be a while, but them's the breaks.