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Soom Mecha Angel girl Saiph Discussion

Apr 15, 2008

    1. Link to Soom page

      Well, I admit, I was bird-dogging them a bit, I knew she was coming out, today.

      I was hoping for a guy (someone to trump my infatuation with Elf Sabik), but I knew after I googled her name, that she'd be a girl. Saiph is a 'star name', and all their (female) MA's have been named after stars.

      She's sweet. Not my thing, but sweet nonetheless. She's got a whole shoujo-princess thing going on...
    2. It feels like more of a priest/mage thing to me. It seems someone at Soom is enjoying thinking up fantasy-oriented dolls... I'm not terribly fond of her lips, but she does have a sort of mystical air to her, in keeping with the outfit.
    3. Oh I love her face! sadly she is too tall for me, does anyone know if the mecha angel heads look ok on any smaller bodies?
    4. MA heads are very proportional to their bodies. It could technically work, if your aesthetic tended towards rather large and long heads and smaller bodies.

      But my Sabik? He's got a ginormous head, even compared to my Leeke-L head, and my Leeke-L is a size 9/10 wig (*was, actually,I've modified my Leeke-L, but *before* I modified him, the difference was still huge).
    5. Ah never mind, thanks for the info Eidolon! I might see how my money jar is looking in a few months time, (currently very near empty due to dolly spending!) because I can't stop going back to look at her every few minutes! I really love the direction Soom is moving in, their new esthetic is just my thing :)
    6. second that on waiting for another hot dude :) love sabik but 80cm...*_*
    7. I agree, the new fantasy-oriented Soom dolls are really getting to me. Saiph's face is beautiful, but luckily not hitting the "want" button for me. Her dress on the other hand....ffarrrr out, I want that dress! I wonder if I could order it in Super Gem size? *_*
    8. Oh wow, another gorgeous new doll! Now I can't decide which I like best out of all of them, argh! Not keen on the outfit though
    9. Sweet! :D I love her face, there's something unusual and interesting about it. She looks like one of those ageless people - that is, looking at her I feel she's either a girl who looks older than her real age, or a woman who looks younger than her age. I think she would look really good with Rex, they both have such soulful, expressive faces.
    10. There's something about her I really like. I'm mostly interested in buying boys, but this is the first girl I could really see myself owning. Oh dear, Soom, what are you doing to the strings on my coinpurse? T___T
    11. Agreeing with Yugami. I only buy the boys as well but there's something about Saiph that's just so yes. I think she looks like one of those elfs or mages/priests you see in MMORPG games, definitely my thing :aheartbea but luckily she's too tall for any of my boys (like, 16cm taller :XD:).
    12. man, soom is on the ball here. she does look like some type of mage, lol. *sigh* if only she wasn't so tall. on the other hand, it makes me wonder whether i should hold off getting spinel and see if an even hotter boy will come out*_*
    13. Saiph is very cute but quite young looking, mayby just a bit too young for me. I do like her big lips and her little nose. Does the shape of her eyes look a bit asian? I agree she would look good with Rex. Those two are the youngest looking MA's. Welldone Soom! :)
    14. Love at first sight! :love

      I want to stick her head on a boy's body, maybe a SDF body or Super Gem boy's body...not sure it will match size or resin color tho. ^^;

      This really isn't fair Soom. ;_; Especially with them hinting at an incubus I might wait to get her another month.
    15. Prettiest female Mecha Angel IMO. I love her eyes and cheekbones. Lucky that she's a MA or I'd seriously be contemplating getting her.
    16. Oh my, she's wonderful. I totally agree with RPG/MMORPG priest, that was my immediate thinking when I looked at her! And as I've always been fond of this kind of character, I'm just becoming crazy!!! Soom is a devil, so many beautiful and original dolls it's not possible...
      But like a lot of people she wouldn't match my dolls... 20cm taller than my SDF that's a bit too much unfortunately (or fortunately for my bank account).
    17. I agree that she would look cute with Rex, and although I will not buy her this ffd in any case (uhm, 3 soom before shipping already *_* ) I will consider her later. I would love to see her blonde and blue eyed :aheartbea She looks so much softer and cuter than the other Soom girls. And imho the first MA that looks like a girl. But... is it just me, or does she have a giraffe's neck? Makes me think of Parmigianino's Madonna.

      About the outfit, I think that the bodice and skirt is beautiful, but I don't like the headpiece or sleeves at all.

      Hm... long neck and big lips, but I still think she is adorable. There is just something abouth her sweet face and expression :aheartbea
    18. 80cm is just too tall for me and my Hound is already at 70cm, Soom is sure releasing a lot of new dolls lately, but I am happy with my crew already.
    19. I love her face, she has something... I like to describe her as untouchable. But that's just me.
      By the way, I absolutely ADORE that outfit! I want it!
    20. *delurk* *waves* This one was my downfall, finally.

      I had decided to get one of the MA series for a first purchase with this FFD purchase period, and ended up with two: Saiph being one of them, Deneb the other. (I am hoping they eventually do a cream white elf Vega; she looks like she might be lovely in that combination.) *sigh* I've always wanted a large, very mature-looking doll, so I'd waited forever to get any at all, now there is a whole line I really like.

      I passed on the dress (on both, actually), though it looks quite lovely. My frustrated costumer instincts need an outlet desperately, though, so these ladies look like the perfect candidates for it. Their size makes them delightful candidates for obscene levels of garment detailing, which was a big selling point for me.