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Soom Mecha Angel Rex!

Mar 15, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Full image here. Oh, he's so lovely. Hopefully he's going to be a regular FFD doll. :D
    2. I'd say so, they'll probably just release different versions of him like they do with Sabik. He'd make a cute Elf!
    3. Seeing the picture on the thumbnail didn't grab at me, thinking that he's a bit too young looking for Mecha Angel. But after seeing more pictures, this boy is going on my wishlist. XD;
    4. Do you think he too will feature the new and improved mecha angel body, like the merman mecha angel they just released? The arms do look more muscular than the older version... or am I dreaming?^^
    5. I think he looks lovely :aheartbea

      He does look younger than the other Mecha Angels, but then again he has a completely different look, less macho and more "romantic". If I had not already ordered Vega Last Song, I would have bought him in a heartbeat. *Starts picturing Rex as a pre-raphaelite gentleman with long auburn hair, and shakes her piggybank*.
    6. He's gorgeous. I like the wet pictures :P Looks like an amusing model photoshoot ;)
    7. I really want one, but he's too tall! ; ~ ; I'd love to stick that head only like a Super Gem body... if they'd work... D:
    8. On my own behalf, I am beginning to see a solution for that problem. Vega boy, Rex, Sabik... They will not be too tall if they are all 80cm, right? ;) *starts making more rationalizations for buying Rex*
    9. I'm in the same boat. What a lovely sculpt he is! I've never been tempted by the Mecha Angels but I might have to start rethinking a few things.. :)
    10. I bought him , He is just too cute >_<
    11. I've been contemplating too. I hope someone tries this.

      He's really handsome :D I think I like him better than Sabik.
    12. I'm In Love With Him!
    13. Mandagore: You're not hte only dreaming. I saw the difference too ^^

      I think it's possible...Sabik's head is roughly 9 inch (roughly 23cm, I think). I think Super Gem are roughly 9inch as well. So technically, it could work. :)

      Ravnsvart: My reasoning exactly...XD;

      Wuzixu: Congrats! I shall be awaiting owner pictures :3
    14. Ravnsvart and aquarius85! Fancy see you here. LOL! I'm starting to think we have the same taste in resin :P

      This new artist at Soom is converting me. Even my hubby wants a Deneb! I have a Sabik, I have a Vega hybrid, I want a Lupin, and now Rex gets put to the list! What a dreamy boy!!! Those lips 'o' doom. *Drool!*

      Well I didn't want another 80cm for like...almost 10 months! I'm so proud of myself! :D
    15. i love this guy. ive always thought i would only have girl dolls...but he's really tempting me. =\ i think he's gorgeous.
    16. I like him quite a bit! I'm wondering what other editions they'll do. If they surprise us with an elf version sometime, I'll be doomed.

      Haha! Exactly. Every time I think my incoming Vega boy will be too big, I realize there are plenty of other dolls to be had in the same size.
    17. I really like him, but I'm not sure if I like him in the way that'll get me to whip out the monies for him... I hope someone gets one and posts blank pics. I'd love to see a crisper profile shot of him, or even just with better light and tighter shots.
    18. I'm quite surprised by how much I like him! :D He looks a little bit like Dollstown Mui and a little bit like AiL Bertram and a little bit like, of course, Soom Spinel - it's a really attractive and unconventional face.

      I can't imagine getting one because I would only want him on a shorter body and I fear his head would be too ginormous for smaller bodies. But I'll definitely be eagerly awaiting more pictures of him. He's so pretty, and yet odd-looking in a good way... :)
    19. I agree, his face is gorgeous! And so young looking - very different to any other sculpt I've seen, masculine, romantic and yet boyish at the same time. I'm impressed! But yeah, he is too tall...if only he was a Super Gem....he'd make a nice Eomer to my Spinel's Faramir....(no no no no don't think like that - no more doll no more dolls no more dolls...)
    20. You know, he looks like he's on a different body than Sabik. I've always disliked the super-skinny arms that Sabik has, by Rex's arms actually look in proportion to his body. Which is totally awesome. XD