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Soom Mecha Angel Vega, 79cm Girl

Oct 24, 2007

    1. Vega!!!!! T____T I love you!!
    2. I love her height so much O_O I'm such a sucker for super tall girls. I know its just one picture, but wow. What I can see, I'm in love with. Her chin/jaw, lips, and her NOSE! It looks like she'll have lovely eyes and a nice brow, but the angle isn't so good for seeing that . . . but her face! is! so! :aheartbea She has such strong but beautiful features . . . oh man.
      Sorry, I don't mean to rave on :sweat But this doesn't bode well . . . I already have two girls on their way. Yet how can I resist?! -agony-
    3. Omg..that's smoking hot. I love her face and skin tone already .....siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh no I don't need a girl doll. No I don't need a girl doll.
    4. she looks so strong and beautiful...but maybe too big for me ^^; phew

      but i want to see more of her :D
    5. Wow she is gorgeous! O_O....
      I love her nose <3

    6. I don't like her name, I would have called her Venus instead because she looks like a Goddess, I bet she is gonna be one beautiful doll, but her height alone....goodness my Hound Terry would look like a midget standing next to her:lol:
    7. Can't wait to see more pictures. Why didn't SOOM ask if I had any money left before issuing a doll I might want? Maybe when they show her from other angles she will be hideous??? Sigh.
    8. she has such strong features! her nose and her chin and lips!! I'm curious for more pictures of her!! how much will she cost? same as sabik and corvi?
    9. I'm guessing so, ($655?) oh if I liked girl dolls more I'd so buy her....can't wait for more pics!
    10. Wow she IS beautiful!!!!

      I hadn't planned on getting a girl so tall, but that said I may have to put Vega on my wishlist.

      Her features are striking. I was afraid they were going to make her overtly masculine, but on the contrary she balances an elegant feminine beauty, with an obvious amount of strength and bearing. She'd make an excellent Goddess, or angel, or some kind of otherworldly being. I can't wait to see her body!
    11. can I ask, how do you know she's 79 cm?? I couldn't find it anywhere?..
    12. It is very beautiful, but 79 centimeters, it is great !
    13. Clover said so on the SOOM Q&A board, look on the english page, Q&A, someone asked about her mesurements.
    14. Oh she is so pretty. I want her now V_V
      I'm kicking myself for going ahead and ordering sabik and not waiting for pictures of Vega. Girls are always more fun to dress.
      Bah. Oh well Maybe she will be released at a later date. Then My sabik will have a girlfriend lol.
    15. Soom, don't do this to me. I have too many girls already. Stop tempting me with this super-tall, super-awesome new doll.

      She doesn't have elf ears, right? Because I might be doomed if she does. She'd tower over my Ark, but I think he'd like that...

      Darn it. She's stunning. I'm afraid to see more pictures.
    16. OOOooOOoOOOoOOOOH, So far she's awesome looking! :love
    17. Wow..shes amazing! I want her from just looking at that one little picture! but she's so tall... she'd be taller than my Dollshe boy >,< gah I'm torn! ...and I can't seem to stop using exclamation points ;)
    18. She looks to be absolutely stunning:love but thank god just a Tad bit too tall for my clan:sweat..... Still can't wait to see more pictures of this beauty:aheartbea
    19. Just stunning. What a lovely profile! I wish I wanted dolls this tall. I love the Sabik elf, and now this lovely lady. But to have to start a whole new size of wardrobe. Gah!